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Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

Haven't been on here for ages. I used to post lots when I was preg but now don't have the time lol! Ella May was born Sept 07 and I do recognise a few names from back then. I browse often but rarely post. So Hi if anyone remembers me.

Anyway what i came on to ask was...

A friend of mine's little girl, 15 months, had major surgery yesterday. Pleased to report that all went well for her. Me and a few other mums wanted to help out so decided that we would fill their freezer with meals and goodies for when they return home so that they can focus on lo and not have to worry about cooking.

Someone is already doing a cottage pie and spag bol so I thought I'd maybe do a fish pie and something with chicken plus a cake of some sort and some cookies.

Does anyone have a good chicken dish that freezes well and is not too exotic as not 100% sure of their likes/dislikes.

Thank you in advance


  • what a lovely thing for you all to do. the Annabel karmel one pot chicken is not only really easy to cook, but it freezes well. it is in the 6-9 month section of her book, but if you just mash it a bit, rather than puree it, it is lumpy and chewy enough for a 15 month old. my lo is 15 months and he really likes it. it is basically onion softened in butter, and then you add chicken breast, sweet potato and carrot and cover it with stock and bring it to the boil. i then simmer it for an hour, which is longer than she says to make sure it is cooked.
  • That is such a nice idea. My lo had surgery at 13 months and I don't know what we would have done without the help and support of our freinds and family. Could I also suggest, when they feel up to it, offering a bit of baby sitting and letting them go out for a meal or a movie. A little grown up time to recharge their batteries may be very much appreciated. Sorry I have no meal ideas but I just wanted to let you know that you are a great friend.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Did my cooking yesterday and friends and lo home from hospital tonight, fingers crossed xxx
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