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i feel like a terrible mother

hi this is my first post here and i think im going mad my 15 month old son was born with 2 bottom teeth now his 15 months and only cut another 4 at the top, to cut a long story short my auntie who use to be a dental nurse has said his chipped one of his teeth and took the enamal of and that it will die. i feel like the worst mum in the world im afraid to take him to the dentist as i think they will think its my fault. i brush his teeth every night and he only ever drinks water but still i cant proctect his teeth. sorry for going on but just needed to get it of my chest. kate :cry:


  • dont feel terrible my daughter has chipped her front tooth to i always worry about it but at least they are baby teeth and will get new ones xx
  • Please don't feel bad i know it's easy said but with the best will in the world accidents happen. my son fell on our laminate floor and i was dreading it but i took him dentist as his mouth had swollen up and tooth looked funny, he was given anti botics and i was told to expect the tooth to go black and die but it didn't and was fine. in fact he lost his 1st tooth the other day ( hes now 5 ) and it wasn' the one he had damaged. I'm sure your aunt means well but the denist will know for sure.
  • dont feel bad, when 1 of my daughters teeth came up it was yellow, took her to dentist because i thought it was something i had done, he said the enamel hadnt formed on her tooth, and as it was only baby tooth it wont be the same on her next 1, your doing everything right so dont beat yourself up
  • I know your aunt is trying to help but I think she might be wrong. I chipped a big piece of enamal of my front tooth about 8 years ago and it is fine. Don't worry about taking him to the dentist, these things happen.
  • hi thank u all for replying im going to take him down to the dentist later today, i feel alot better about it now.
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