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My lo has been in nursery since she was 6 months ( last sept) only on a Monday, thats all i could afford.
A few weeks ago we started putting her in mon and tues due to my mum not being in the best health.

I only work mon tues weds and we have just heard that we have a placement at a local council nursery for the 3 days ( we will be saving about ??50 a week). She starts new nursery on 1st sept.

The last few week lo has been getting really upset when we have dropped her off. My oh cant bear to leave her. I dont know why this has started as she was always fine going in. She is 18 months now.

I'm worried about getting her to settle in the new nursery for 3 days.

I have pnd and the panic attacks were starting to dwindle a bit but this has started them off again.

Has anyone else had this issue before.



  • Hi hun, its awful when you have to leave them and they are upset, Does she settle quickly after youve gone, sometimes it can just be that she knows you are going and doesnt want you to but once she cant see you any more then she may be fine. My 3 year old was a nightmare, she started nursery at 6 months and always loved it but when she was about 18 months and moved into the toddler room, she used to sob and cry and cling to me and it broke my heart to leave her, but the staff said she was always fine within seconds of me going. I wasnt sure whether to believe them (not that I thought theyd lie I just thought they wanted me to feel better) so one day they told me to wait in the hall and surely enough she stopped almost as soon as i'd gone out. I'm sure they know how to tug at those heart strings. Try not to worry too much hun I'm sure if there was a real problem they would tell you xx
  • A child specialist friend of mine once told me that they cry not because they hate nursery but because, in an ideal world, they want you AND nursery. Once you're gone they're happy to settle for 1 out of 2. I have to repeat this to myself everytime I have to leave James crying at nursery. Luckliy our nursery is upstairs and I can hear that he's stopped as soon as I'm out of sight. The one thing I've learnt is, if James is upset, the worse thing I can do is cuddle him and pander to him as this just makes him worse. I give him a kiss and keep my voice light and cheery as I say goodbye and wave. This rips me to pieces but it's definitley better in the long run.
    Hope she soon settles.
    P.S. Have you looked into family tax credit? My husband and I are on a good wage but we still qualify for it and they pay 70% of nursery fees. Actually, with the extra we get on top of the fees, we use it all for nursery so it's kind of free. It may mean you could leave your lo where she is rather than trying to move her.
  • My 16 month old is exactly the same - she has been at nursery since 5 months and was fine until about 2 months ago when she started clinging and crying whenever she realised I was about to leave her at nursery. They assure me she's fine almost immediately after I leave and she's always happy enough when I pick her up and, as they have a web cam - I know she's happy in the day, so I think it's just a phase that she's going through. She's pretty clingy to me in general to be honest - and specifically me, not my hubby - but hopefully it will pass soon - and then I'll miss being so wanted!!

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about your little one - this is just a part of their development and nothing to worry about!
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