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Christmas shoe box appeal

I know this is increadibly early but I've just been to a presentation by the woman who runs our local branch of the Christmas shoe box appeal. What I saw really touched my heart and I would just like to urge anyone who has this appeal happening locally (usually around November) to make the effort and fill a box with toys, toothpaste, soap etc to send away and make a little child happy for Christmas. The toys and things don't have to be brand new, just in good order so this doesn't have to cost the earth.
Sorry to be a bit preachy but I really think this is something well worth supporting.
Thank you for reading. :\)


  • Hi! I do this every year too and I really enjoy it!!! It's amazing when you see videos or pics of the kids and how excited they are just to get a shoe box! Can you imagine if kids in britian just got that? We are so spoiled!!!
  • A friend of mine who is a Women & Children's pastor at a church in Canada was able to be a part of a team that went to deliver some shoe boxes in South America. She said it was an absolutely amazing experience and the children were thrilled with everything they received in their boxes.
  • I did this a few years ago, I really enjoyed it, so will try do it again this year! Good to get ready early.
  • Yes I did this last year - such a good cause! Makes me feel slightly ashamed for my own children who want for nothing and tbh are slightly spoiled!!!!

    Will do one again this year.
  • My mum used to be involved in this (until they changed the times they do all the work and she couldn't make it) and I used to do the odd box.

    Its a great thing to do but the religious aspect of it really put me off - one of the leaflets they gave out said something about how they tell the kids that its all gods work to give them the stuff and as I'm not religious at all, god definately had nothing to do with my boxes so I didn't like that bit.

    I haven't heard of it locally recently round here though - I did have a box of the toys from happy meals for going in the boxes (some of them are perfect). One thing my mum did say was that the older boys boxes were often overlooked - probablyc ause people liked to do little kid stuff, so she always used to do older boy boxes.
  • how do you find out about doing these? ive never heard of anything like it in my area. sounds like a great cause though x
  • how do you find out about doing these? ive never heard of anything like it in my area. sounds like a great cause though x
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