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Teething Hell!! will not eat??


My LO is fourteen months old and is teething worse than I have ever seen, he is refusing most food apart from yogurt and fruit,.

What should I do, I am worried because he is not eating and I am also worried if he only eats sweet things that it is not good for him!

Is it just a stage? should I up his milk he still has two bottles a day?

Any advice welcome.

Worried mummy


  • hi my lo went throught this a few mths back still get some trouble with her now i spoke to the health visitor and she said it was fine as long as she was still drinking milk and eating something
  • have you tried going back to mash & puree on his bad days. When my lo was off his food (solid, finger food etc) I just went back a stage & mashed potatoes & pureed some meat & veg then mixed the lot with beef or chicken gravy so it was nice & runny & he woofed it down.

    Thankfully it doesn't last long but it is worrying when they can't eat, so that worked for me or else up the milk feeds for a couple of days.

    Good luck

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  • My lo is just the same at the moment. She has her 4 front teeth already but now the ones at the side of those on the top deck are coming through and she has been really upset/grumpy/violent and off her food. She is even waking in the night and needing a feed in order to go back off ( I thought those days were over.......!)

    I just feel so sorry for her and what's more frustrating is that she can't tell me which but is hurting etc.

    To top it all off she starts a new nursery on Friday and she just won't settle....

  • hi ya im so glad i read this post as my lo has 4 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth and is now cutting 4 more at bottom and 2 top ones and is a pain in the bum its like having a lil baby again he wakes in the nite but as he dont have bottles and gave up brest feeding at 10 months i cant settle him he just sleeps with us from 2 am till 6 whech keeps me awake he also wont eat anything apart from some yogurts and jaffa cakes he is 16 months old and as it is he still wants blended food cant get him off it so its really hard and i feel for you sorry i cant help good luck
  • When my LO is teething his appetite drops. I agree, it's really worrying and I get so frustrated.

    One thing that my LO will eat is homemade cauliflower and brocolli cheese with pasta in it. I sometimes blend it up so it's completely smooth but more often than not he'll eat it whole, just so long as the veg and pasta is over-cooked and soggy! If he's refused meat for a few days I'll add really small pieces of ham. It's pretty much a balanced meal in one bowlful.

    Hope those teeth come through soon x

  • im getting really stressed now as tyler will only eat jaffa cakes and quavers or yogurts he has gone though this stage before and we have just given him yogurts as thats better than nothing buit it just dont seem enoug to me as he would need to eat about 6/7 every meal to fill him up help me please
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