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When did you stop using a baby monitor?

hi ladies

this is my very first post here in toddler! my ds is 1 in 2 weeks!!!!

anyways what id like to know is, when did you stop using the baby monitor? im expecting number 2 and not sure if i will need to get a new 3 way baby monitor or not?


ashy x


  • our son is 20 mths nad we use ours for naps but not night, unless he is ill. as we can hear with our door open and he is next to us. we expecting no 2 in mya nad i will use this one for the new baby.
  • Bad mummy here, we stopped using ours before he was 1! We do have a small house and his bedroom is nextdoor to ours so can always hear him no matter where we are. We were so much more relaxed when we stopped using it. Think it really depends on your house and where your lo sleeps.
  • I'm with Bliss on this one,we stopped using ours before ds was 1 too! x
  • My dd is 31 months and I use it. I have to close her bedroom door at night to keep the cat out of her bed and I wouldn't be able to hear her if she woke up with it closed. I have no plans on getting rid of it anytime soon either...
  • thanks ladies,

    i think i will just keep the one monitor, and see how we get on. to be honest i probably dont need to use it at night, as ds's bedroom is next to ours and i can hear him when he wakes!

    kef, im feeling fine, im only 11+6 and have my scan on monday, i havnt had a single symptoms which is worrying me!

    ashy xx
  • god we stopped using ours at 10months cause it broke and I wasn't going to buy another!

    Shea has good enough lungs on him that I can hear him which ever room i'm in

    and now he's 3 next week it would drive me up the wall as his snoring is worse than his dads!!
  • Still using ours at nearly 2 years, but mainly cos DD is at the other end of the house to us (live in a long thin victorian semi) and we all sleep with the doors closed due to cats!
    My sister's boy is 5 and sleeps in the room next door to her with doors open and she still uses hers LOL! He "summons" her when he wakes every morning because he knows she can hear him!!
  • DS is one next week and we don't really use ours much anymore. I only use it if I am downstairs when he is nappying - and I've got the tv/radio on ... just so I can hear when he wakes up really x
  • Kara is 3 and we still use ours. It is more for peace of mind with her diabetes. If her sugars were low or high we wouldn't know what she is doing with the monitor off as we might not hear her properly. Last night her sugars were high as she has a bad cough and cold. By having the monitor on helped us tell she was high as she was moaning away and tossing and turning. I think I will keep it for another while as it is doing us no harm.
  • I never got one. We have an open staircase and our house is quite open plan so you can hear everything. But if I had a 3 storey or my house was different I don't know guess you just work out when the time is right for you
  • We are in the same position, dd is 1, and baby is due in March. We don't really need the monitor at night, but if either are napping in their rooms, I would like to use a monitor. Especially if it's baby napping and dd is playing loudly.

    Where have you seen the 3 way monitors, I have looked everywhere?!
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