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constipation in a 14 month old/

hello i was just wondering if anybody had any ideas what i can do to get my 14 month old to eat.i am just at the end of my tether because he refuses most things except bread.
He is getting really constipated and cries when he passes poo, does anybody have any suggestions.
My last resort was to take him to the doctors on monday and see if i can get anything.
Please help me lol
hope to hear from you soon xxx


  • Amy used to suffer from constipation too & we started giving her a cup (or 1 of the pouches) of innocent smoothie everyday & that helped to keep her regular & her motions became easier to pass. I've had her on them from she was 12 months after my GP recommended them & plenty of water (or juice if they wont take water) to see if that helped before prescribing her anything

    Hope you get it sorted soon. Its horrible seeing them in pain when they are constipated xx
  • I find pears are the best thing to get things moving. Thankfully my dd will eat a pear peeled and sliced but i have pureed it before and poured it over icecream when she refused to eat one!! bad mummy xx
  • have you tried prune juice in breakfast cereal, i have found tht this work sfor my lo.
  • My daughter has had bowel issues since starting solids. Now at 3, I've FINALLY found a way to stop her from holding/prolonging her bms until they become so large and compact, it's a painful & traumatic experience every time. Mixed half a bottle of liquid chocolate syrup & 1 small bottle of Senekot (laxative/stool softener - tastes like molasses). Mix a tablespoon of it with milk and serve her up a "treat" of "chocolate milk" once a day. Works like a charm and tastes just like the original! We're ALL relieved! =)
  • hi my son used 2 have this problem i found water and pears are good but if ur lo wont drink water put a little bit of juice to give it a bit of flavour and it really worked well for me hes drinking water daily now and going at least twice a day
    hope i helped
  • Hi there im a senior nursery nurse for the under 3s in a day nursery and im based in the baby room. Lots of my kiddies suffer this and I always find pureed prunes mixed with some dilute orange juice works wonders!!
  • Hi when my son was younger i he had this problem and my mil suggested mixing boiled water with a little brown suger, most babies love drinkin it as its sweet. my son loved it(although not good for your teeth) it worked wonders x
  • That doesn't make you a bad mummy, don't do that to yourself 😊

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