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Cows Milk

Is your lo drinking cows milk yet?

Isabelle is 17 months and still will not drink cows milk. She will happily have cows milk on cereal or in smoothies but she just won't take it by itself.

How did you do the switch?


  • Kenny went onto cows milk when he was 12 months old. I warmed it at first like his formula and he got used to it after a day or two. As soon as he was drinking well I gave it straight from the fridge and he didnt notice.
  • I started giving it to Daniel at 12 months. He has a bottle in the morning, and a bottle and a half (yes, he likes his milk!) at night. I make the night time bottle the cows milk bottle, and the morning bottle is Aptamil. He will drink both absolutely fine now, but art the beginning,. I warmed it up to the same temperature as he has his formula milk and gave it to him when he was sleepy and less likely to protest. He got used to it within a few days. I don't know what the advice would be about combining cows and formula milk in one bottle, but (and I might be wrong) I would have thought that if you are m,aking the bottle up fresh then it shouldn't be a problem. But I might be wrong! If you can combine the two types of milk, you could slowly gradually increase the amount of cows milk and decrease the amount of formula milk until she is weaned onto cows milk? Just an idea.
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