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not sick, just not 100% healthy

Hello Bobs Mum!
My daughter is 18 months now and has gone to nursery two full days for almost a year now. She always seems to pick something up! She's vomited, runny nose, ear aches and the persistant cough that never seems to go away even when you think the colds gone! I kept pushing about her cough as it never seemed to clear and it kept her up almost every night. The doctor looked at her maybe having baby ashma so she had an inhaler for a period but it didn't improve. Then they tried her on I think it was antihestomine (can't spell it!) in case she had an allergy but no again! I find that she coughs worse at night and that making her room cooler reduces her coughing fits and sitting in a steamy room helps clear her chest abit. The coughs always there but has improved alot and I agree that she's just picking things up from nursery but it's still a worry! My husband gets her colds too (man flu!)
Take care!
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