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day trips...?

hello.. me and o/h have a week off in november and want to take our lo off out on a day trip or two i was just wondering what suggestions people may have.. we live in leicester and are quite happy to get a train or whatever as we dont drive.. but can anyone recommend anywhere? we were thinking maybe the sea life centre in birmingham (i think thats where it is)? has anyone been? little one is 2 so is there much for her age?

we went to the zoo last month and we took her to see peppa pig live on friday we really enjoyed these so are after more suggestions.. any would be great!! thanks!!


  • hi there, my lo is just over 2 and we live near Gt yarmouth on the east coast, so there is lots to do here with it being a holiday resort. here are some of the things we do with Shea: -

    zoos, animal petting/pets corners, beach - he loves playing in sand and collecting stones!, woodland walks, soft play areas/climbing centres, local swings, sealife centre, butterfly centre, swimming......

    or things like a simple train ride or bus ride - its amazing how interesting they find these things, even tho we find them mundane

    have fun x
  • hi hun just a good one which we all really enjoyed was thomas land at drayton manor ,its really magical ...also chester zoo is lovely at this time of year and they have a wonderful santa's grotto xxxx
  • you ahve some good suggestions from the other ladies, but I thought I would add something. at the end of the summer, we took lo in a little rowing boat on a lake, which he absoslutely loved. We had been to the petting zoo that day, and he seemed to have had a wonderful day in all. and then we had ice cream which topped it all.

    I wouldn't let the time of year put you off doing outdoor things like the beach, boating, walking through the wood (think of all the crunchy leaves to play in!). As long as you're all wrapped up, lo will love it.

    I love this age. They seem to take so much pleasure from simple things, and I love seeing lo enjoying things for the first time.
  • hey ladies thanks for the replies there is some good ideas there.. im after the bigger days out really.. we have a natrue trail and a park and softplay centre and swimming pool at our gym right near us that we visit weekly. its the day trips i wanted as we are off for a week and havent had a holiday this year so want to venture out further lol

    keep the ideas coming if you think of anything!!! thanks again!!
  • Drayton Manor would be fairly near and you could go to Thomas Land which is supposed to be fab- I have never been even tho all my family live in Tamworth where it is but hope to take Lily sometime! Twycross Zoo is lovely- hubby and my dad took Lily there in the summer whilst I was away with my sisters and Mum on hen weekend and she had a fab time. We also went to West Midlands Safari park in the summer which was great fun. Conkers is supposed to be good too but depends how cold/wet it is as its all outdoors. Oh and Ash End Farm is a lovely farm to visit with little ones lots of upclose experiences and plenty of things to play on.xx
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