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wondernanny is going to help us!!

Morning girls

I had a call last night for Gitte Daniels, Wondernanny!! I'm still in shock!!
She's agreed to help us with Shea's eating (or not as the case may be!!) so we have our first consultation call this Friday afternoon and then she'll every day for a week to start with and see how we are getting on.

I'll let you know when its going to be featured in the mag.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel

from one chuffed mummy Claire!! xx


  • good luck with it all! hope it goes really well for you x
  • Thats great news Claire. I will be following your story with interest! Lo had a nasty tummy bug a couple of weeks ago, and hasn't eaten well since. I hope it passes!
  • Fame at last eh Claire ? Good luck. Hope it goes well. x

    ps. Archie ate fish pie last night ! And a vegetable fajita finger at childminders yesterday. God knows what's happened but finally he's not throwing all my hard work on the carpet !
  • well done Archie!! you good boy!!

    will keep you posted
  • fantastic, good luck hun, let us know when its in the mag xx
  • wow how cool! xx
  • Wow that's fab! Let us know what she suggests as I could do with a few tips with my fussy little man!
  • How fab! If she gaves u any good tips please share as my lo is soooo fussy!
  • thanks Lara, I was going to email you and see how you got on.

    It does seem quite intense but its something I really want to improve. I've had nutritionists and nursery nurses tell me that it will come good with time but I still constantly worry and i want him to eat things that we eat!! I've got hubbys full support too so hopefully within time she'll work her magic for us!!

    will keep you posted x
  • Sounds exciting, let's hope she has the magic touch! I might be looking out for that article too at this rate...Skye's gone from being a good eater to spitting most of her food out on the last few weeks, argh! Good luck with it all!
  • Wow thats fab. Hope it helps and works out for you. x
  • Wow Claire that's fab news! I hope wondernanny can help you and Shea, and it's great that your OH is being supportive too.

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