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Hi there I have just bought my son who is nearly 18months old a thomas the tank engine bed!
Ive been really excited about getting it for him and he loved it............Problem was taking him to bed he wont sleep in it and screams the house down until i get him out.

Im expecting baby number 2 in september so wanted to get him settled in a bed now so i can re use his cot.

He's always been excellent at going to bed in his in cot awake at night getting himself to sleep.

I had to get him to sleep down stairs and then put him to bed last night and then he woke in the night and wudnt stop screaming until he got out of his bed!!

HELP is there anything i can do to help him settle!!



  • Hi there, not much advice i'm afraid as I haven't moved my 21month old yet. I had it in my head to move him to bed at 18months too but when that time arrived I realised he wasn't old enough so i'm not planing to move him until he's about 2.

    I would like to for my own reasons - i'm only 5 ft and making it quite difficult to get lay him in cot, i litterally have to throw him in!! LOL!

    but he sleeps for 12-13hours in his cot quite happily and I think if I changed him to bed he wouldn't quite understand what we were doing and i'm not cofident he'd stay there either, he'd probably tear his bedroom apart!!

    So maybe your lo just wasn't ready for a big bed yet and was contented with his cot. I suppose it must be quite daunting for them to go from an enclosed snuggy cot to an open big bed!

    I can understand tho why you wanted to do it with being pg again. How did you go about changing him over, did you explain to him what you were doing? was he involved when you changed them over? Why don't you put him back in cot for acouple of weeks then try again. maybe he could help you make the bed up and get it ready for his first night again??
    Sorry I wasn't much help!! xx
  • Hi there. We made a big deal about him having a new bed its only cot bed size and is the actual train of thmas the tank engine and he absoloutely loves it...just wasnt so keen to lie down and go to sleep in it!!

    I put him to bed last night and he screamed the place down for about 15 minutes and after reassuring him and lying him back down he eventually settled!! i had to wait til he had gone to sleep to leave him but he was very tired and it didnt take to long. he then slept all night in his bed without any problems. Hopefully this is the start of him settling but will find out tonight! LOL

    He's very far advanced for his age and has been walking since 10 months so he did seem ready for it and he can get in and out of bed easily as it is low to the floor.
    They do say to put them in a bed between 2-3 so i dont think waiting is a problem i just needed to get him settled before i have a baby keeping me up at night too hahaha

  • Was wondering if he's any better? Thinking bout buying my two year old a bed but not sure to get a toddler one or not. And how to do it! x
  • Hi, I had real problems getting my little girl to sleep in a cot. When she was 9 months for my own sanity I put her in our bed and we took turns sharing with her and sleeping in the spare room. At 14mths we got her a little bed and put her in her own room, we had a hard week the first week but she is now brill and sleeps from around 7 till 6 most nights where as in our bed she was waking at 5. She has been in her bed now for about 7 weeks and I get to share my bed with OH. Hope he is sleeping better now. xxx
  • Hi my boy us 19mths and has slept in my bed most nights, being pregnant I also wanted him into a better routine so we just bought him an adult size bed this week and he goes down in it quite well, but I have to lay with him until he's asleep and atm when he wakes up I'm back in there with him. I figure if I perservere we'll get there eventually. To start with if it's any help I just let him play on it, learning how to get in and out etc and day time nap ..... Good luck
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