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Tummy bug/vomiting - but only at night !!

Archie has developed the oddest tummy bug I've eer seen.

He had diarreah Wed/Thursday. ThenThursday night he had an exploding nappy and was sick in his sleep. Didn't discover it until 7am (mortified I didn't hear him as he could have choked in his sleep)

Then he was OK through the day on Friday, drank lots of water, ate little and often. But after 2hrs in bed he started vomiting at 9pm (for a couple of hours) on Friday night. Same again Saturday night and again last night.

I gave no milk or dairy yesterday thinking that might help and he was still sick. He fell asleep sitting on sofa last night as I thought maybe the lying in his bed was making him sick, but he was still sick at about 8.45 before he even fell asleep.

I've got a phone apt with Dr this afternoon. But I suspect all they will say is cut out his milk and if he is drinking fluids and not dehydrated then just keep doing when you're doing. Any one got any thought on this odd nocturnal bug. Ta. S x


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