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Advice on hitting please

Hi there

I hope you don't mind me GC. I am currently using the Due in Nov forum but my question today is about my 18 month old son.

For the last couple of weeks we have been getting reports from Nursery (when we pick our DS up) that he has been hitting out at other babies and staff members too. The last couple of days this has got worse and he has started to pull hair and also throw big toys about. Luckily, none of the babies in the room have been hurt in this way.

I was horrified to hear this about our LO as he usually has such a pleasant nature and has never shown this sort of behaviour at home - until last night when he hit me in the face before bedtime! I'm almost certain that this behaviour will be due to him being tired and as his vocabulary is very limited at the moment, this is probably his way of communicating it.....what do you think?

Nursery have told us that they give our LO 'time out' - One minute spent sitting by himself with no attention, eye contact or toys. They say he is not happy about it and cries for the entire minute, but he does stay there image I feel so upset to know that this is happening, but at the same time understand that misbehaviour should be dealt with. Yesterday's Nursery report said he needed 'time out' on two occasions. I just feel it's getting worse than getting better.

Can anyone offer any advice? :\?
Thank you so much for your help. Hope everyone is ok


  • Hello

    I don't really have any advice but your not alone. My dd who is 21 months has recently started pushing kids and occasionally pulling hair. Her vocab is good and getting better everyday so it cant be blamed on communication really. She also hits and bites me but not daddy!

    She goes to nursery one afternoon per week and they said she doesn't do anything like that there (thank god). She has been hitting out at me for a few months now but only this week has started pushing other children... she mainly does it if they get too close to her, she likes her space but still its upsetting to watch as like your little one she is usually such a gentle and VERY shy little girl so i'm not sure what's happened!

    When ever she does it i usually give her 2 chances (obviously i tell her off and make her say sorry) but if she does it again then she goes on the naughty step.

    Hopefully its just a phase?! I do think things like the heat and been tired etc makes it worse as today its not as hot and she had lots of sleep last night and so far she hasn't lashed out at all! xx
  • all i can suggest is don't give false threats - by that i mean if you keep saying "if you do that again.... something will happen" and you don't follow through then the child quicky learns mum dosent mean it i can get away with it!!(the problem my sil has with all her kids) the nursery sounds like they have the same praactice we have at my work, time outs. your lo will soon realise it is better to not show unexceptable behaviour and time out is no fun and hopefully start behaving better.

  • Thanks for your replies ladies and so sorry for the late response. Haven't been back on here for a while - am running on one brain cell at the moment as well as trying to manage the sickness.

    Hope it's like you say ladies - a phase. And I do sgree that he will soon learn if the misbehaviour is dealt with consistently. Time will tell.

    I hope you're ok and enjoying the sunshine with your LOs

  • hi there, I had this with my son a while back but he was a little older (around 24months) and they way we conquered it was by having a naughty corner and it worked brilliantly!!

    If he lashed out or went to lash out he was sent to the naughty corner and told to stay there until he was ready to come and say sorry. his length of time in the corner never lasted for no longer than 60seconds as he always came out and apologised to whoever he'd hit by himself.
    we continued this for a few weeks but then he hasn't hitten anyone in 4-5months now and he will now say "its bad to hit".

    I find the naughty corner a marvellous thing, if he is naughty now he'll often take himself there without even being told to go there!!!
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