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My son won't poo in toilet!

Hi everyone, my little boy is three in October. He is toilet trained and has been for about six weeks, the problem is he just won't poo on the toilet and demands a nappy to do his bussiness, I am just going with it as I don't want to cause him any problems. He has a real phobia about it but no problem with the wee side of things. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and any advice, Thanks, Karyn


  • Hello,
    I dont have any experience of this, but I did read a tip somewhere about starting off by cutting a hole in a nappy so that they feel safe in the nappy and when they sit on toilet the poo will go in. Have no idea if it works, but maybe worth a go?
  • my sister potty trained my neice when she was 2 and she wouldnt poo in the potty either, eventully she did. x
  • hi. i had this with my 1st boy. he had a real phobia about going to the loo for a poo. the health visitor suggested putting a nappy on him and cutting a hole in the bum area. i didn't consider this it sounded silly. it was a really long slog to get him togo. even when he started school i got phone calls from the school to come and get him to take him home for a poo . he has just turned 8 years old and has only just started to go to the loo at school. he will go at home ok but anywhere else he is really funny about, i just gave it time and didn't force the issue as this made him worse and surely enough he went in his own time. good luck.xx
  • HI hun i have two boys 2 and 3 who are potty trained and they both where the same, my youngest wud hold it to it was nearly coming out, my advise wud be to get rid of the nappies, keep the pants on he will go believe me just keep a eye on him u know the signs and take him to the loo everytime it looks like hes guna go, hes just afraid as the toilets scary, u just gota teach him it isnt and nothing will happen when he poo's in it, give him loads of hugs and praise and get him to tell everyone whats hes done, he may do it in his pants sometimes, but just say it doesnt matter and ask mummy for the toilet nx time, hel get it i promise u!
  • My friend had the same prob with her daughter who is 2 and half. She bought a book from Waterstoens (i think) called "everybody poos" and she reckons its been really helpful having read the book 2 her lo and has had no probs since
  • Thanks everyone for your replies, we are still trying to get him to go on the loo, When we put his nappy on he goes under the table to do his bussiness and then asks you to change it straight away. We went out today and bought him a Mack from cars as a reward for when he has done it, he knows we have it and he can't have it till he goes on the loo, so fingers crossed it will work as he is desperate to get it!! I will also take on some of your suggestions, thanks a lot. Karyn x
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