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Milk intolerance?

Hi girls, was just wondering if ne one has a little one who has a milk allergy?
I think my 22 month old is intolerant of milk. She has'nt had a proper solid poo since I put her onto cows milk as apposed to formula milk. So I'm thinking this could be what is causing her to have funny guts. Ive tried cutting out chocolate, sweets, juice, squash. She eats really well and drinks well too its just her poos are so bad! I really want to think about potty training her soon and I just can't with her bowel movements the way they are. I have tried her on soya b4 but only for a few days as she did'nt like it. I might put her back on baby milk and cut out all dairy just to see, what do you think?
Also I did take her to the doctors a few months back but they didnt seem bothered and said she would prob grow out of it, which she obviously has'nt!
Thank you for reading, ne thoughts much appreciated x x x


  • Hey.

    I take it you are talking about baby number 2?? Have you tried talking to her HV?? If not go to the doc and refuse to move out of his/her office till the doc takes you seriously. Even take in a sample, Katie did with her daughter when they wouldn't take her seriously.

    But to be honest hunny I haven't really got any advice to give you so this is almost pointless LoL. I would say though be careful for how long you cut the diary out as she will need her calcuim and vit D (I think it vit D),

    Take care, hope it gets sorted soon.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 25+5
    X X X
  • Vit D is right, i give my son a suppliment as he was on Soya from 3 months till 5 weeks ago when we started to give him a lot of dairy (at the guidance from dietician to see his reactions) as he has an intolerance too & dairy free babies & kids need extra vitamin D.
    Does your lo have any skin problems since changing to cow milk? ANy other syptoms apart from the poos? Change in sleep, lethargic etc?

    IMO go to the GP or your HV & explain what has happened since changing lo to cows milk but TBH, if they had a true intolerance/allergy then lo wouldnt have been managing to drink the formula either. My lo was on a special hydroginated formula then soya formula then soya cartons before we got to the fresh cows milk stage & only had minimal dairy in cheese until he was 15 months.

    IMO, if lo has been having dairy in yogurts & other stuff & also normal formula then there may be another reason for the bad poos, like a bug or they may have picked up a bacterial infection.

    Go to the GP & ask them to send lo's poo off to be tested.
  • Thank you for the replies.
    I might go to the docs again (with a sample) and see if I can get them to take me seriously this time. Will let you know how I get on.

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