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Grapes and poss TMI


Right sorry if this is to much information but am sure this is something that has probably been covered before and one of you lovely ladies may know the answer.

When my 20 month old eats grapes they always come out in her nappy looking very like they went in all be it a bit deflated, so I imagine she can digest the juicy bits and not the skin. Is this normal (I have an older daughter but can't remember this being an issue!!!!) The only reason I ask is grapes seem to give her tummy ache and yukky nappies and I just wondered if it was connected or just a coincedence. DD is not a brill eater and also suffers from reflux so was really hoping to avoid any other tummy issues.

Any thoughts or experiences gratefully appreciated!!!

Thanks xx


  • Grapes and any fruit where you eat the skins are very hard for anyone to digest, especially babies. Don't worry though i've had this convo with alot of mums at playgroup and they all have the same with their lo's! xx
  • Grr, BE ate my reply so I'm now trying again!

    I just said that I do notice bits of grape skin in my lo's poo the day after they eat grapes. I think it's cos the skin is hard to digest, same as peas and sweetcorn which usually comes out the other end looking as if it hasn't even been chewed :lol:

    If grapes give your lo a tummyache try avoiding them for a while. They are sugary and tend to make my lo's nappies a little more sloppy than usual- sorry tmi!

  • The exact same happens with Ellie it makes me giggle & it happens when she eats raisins too lol xx
  • never have this with Shea cause he WONT eat the skins!!
    He'll pop a whole grape in his mouth, suck the life out of it, then magically spits the entire skin out (usually into my hand!!)
  • Thanks Ladies. Amy and Ruby - Thanks for your input, I think 20 months of sleepless nights is beginning to take a toll on my brain thinking things through literally! Think may just avoid grapes for a bit and see if her tummy improves - Shame as it is one of the few things she will eat image

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