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How to build shy toddler's confidence?

My ds is 2 and is very shy.
He's never been to nursery or anything. We used to go to parent and toddler group but can't go anymore because I'm working till 1 every day and lo's tired when I pick him up (but won't sleep before then!) and just goes straight to sleep.
He's very outgoing at home (or with his auntie/uncle nan/grandad) but as soon as he comes into a setting with either people/children he doesnt know OR people he hasn't seen for about a month, he goes soooo shy. Even when we were going to toddler group regularly (and we'd been since birth!) it took him ages to get through the door and he keeps hiding behind me....he's been like this for about a year, but never as bad as now! I really want to help him be a bit more outgoing! He's only stayed with someone other than close family once, and that was when we went to a funeral, so was unavoidable.
Me & OH both agree he needs to go to nursery (he isnt at school nursery until next september), but we can't afford it, tax credits wouldnt cover all of it.
I was thinking of swimming lessons, he's lost his confidence swimming, we used to take him a fair bit and he loved it but he's only just getting into it again, and he's had no formal lessons so he just walks about and splashes lol or lets me pull him around with armbands on....I def wont be doing water babies or other franchise as way too expensive, there's one near us thats ??2.50 a lesson from 2 years BUT I wouldnt be able to go in the pool with him, and thats just not an option, as he's too shy
He doesnt have any cousins, or siblings, so his entire life has been spent playing with adults etc!!!
Any other ideas? xx


  • Hi I'm not sure I can help as we are in a similar situation with him not really having that interaction with familiar children as no siblings/cousins etc, he's also never been left with anyone as we are don't live close enough to relatives and I wouldn't dream of leaving him with a friend as he'd be hysterical.
    Redo go to groups but I think if you're saying the swimming is too much, these probably are too.
    I'm trying to get him ready for preschool in January and tried him in nursery but it was disastrous- although having another bash in September.
    I'm hoping to build his confidence through the summer and a key one for us will be going to the park. He needs me within armstrwtch distance so I'm hoping over time we cam be further apart and he gains confidence and independence to run about and play without me by his side for reassurance. I'm not sure what else we can do but thought I'd suggest the only one I can think of, good luck image
  • When s he 3?? They are entitled to 15hours free childcare from the term after they are3 so why dont you get his name down at a local nursery and he could go in the mornings??
    i think nursery does wonders for their socialisation

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