ive just realised...

ive forgotten to take my pill the past 2 days!!!!

my and oh had sex sunday or monday.

what are my chances of being pregnant?

im naughty and quite often take my pill packs without a break.


  • depends where you are in your cycle really chick x
  • Oh no! I've just been through this myself and the last few weeks have been hell! Anyway, I missed a pill and we'd had quite a lot of sex around the time I missed (in fact you've just reminded me to take one now!) I've done soooo many tests as I've been on pill for months without an AF so didn't know where in the cycle I was. Thankfully all were negative so it's ended up okay for me- apart from the fact I probably gave myself an ulcer through the worry :lol:

    It defo can happen though if you miss only 1 pill. I'd say try not to stress too much and wait a couple of weeks to test (If you can). I bought test strips off ebay, only cost about ??4 with postage, came the next day and it had 25 tests in so way cheaper than buying them from chemist.

    I hope you get a happy outcome!

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