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i think its about time i join you

Hi girls how are you all doing how little ones doing. Were has the time gone faith now 15 months old she bin walk for 5 months now and she is in to every thing her weight gain is doing well she 20.01lbs she still some problem with iron levels but she ok hope you are all well


  • Hi! I officially joined toddlers a few weeks ago, Lucas is 16 months today and definately isn't a baby anymore????!!!! He's sitting eating his lunch himself as we speak!! Where have our babies gone?
  • bless her she be into everything you need eyes in the back of your head
  • Hi Carrie & Faith!

    Welcome to Toddler!! we need more action in here although it has got busier over the last couple of months!!
  • Hi and welcome i have been in here a while as Leo is 22 months and james just turned 1, but i still pop into baby sometimes. I also go on large families as i have ellie aswell,its great in there to, as i remeber you have 3 lo's i think correct me if i am wrong.
    vikki xx
  • Hi Cazmac, I'm Mims mum to dd who is just turned 19 months. I have 2 older boys as well. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • yes vikkjane i mad i got 3 kids the boys are 7 and 6 were has time gone hi to every one nice to see old face and new faces here
  • I think I'm gonna follow your foot steps and come join over here too, as Erin is 16months its about time I admitted she isn's a baby anymore, lol, still my baby obviously

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