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my 15 month keeps bitting me when she doesnt get her own way. its really getting on ma nerves plus its quite sore. im trying not 2 react. she only seems 2 bit me and her auntie, was wondering if any1 had any the same problem thanks x


  • My son will be 2 next week and he bites when he doesnt get what he wants or if sister annoys him he bites her, also he has started to pinch aswell, we send him to the naughty step and tell him that it is not very nice, our daughter never went through the biting phase but it is quite common so im told. Some people say to bite them back, i dont know about this we have not tried it, im quite concern because our son starts playgroup in September and im really worried that he may bite the other children, he is a really lovely little boy in all other ways its just with the biting and pinching.
  • I've never had the problem of biting with my daughter but I know that the naughty step works great for her for any other incidents

  • hey when did u start using the naughty step. my lo loves sitting on the stairs, so i will use the naughty corner. Its funny why she only does it with me and her auntie. Some1 told me 2 bite her back, but i think i will be incouraging bad behaviour. trying not 2 give a reaction, as i dont want 2 reward bad behaviour x
  • Hi Roxy

    My little one started using it at 20mths. I was surprised coz I really didnt think shed stay on it. I actually use a wee step up stool in the hall coz I was afraid of her falling on the stairs. Its worth a try. Good luck, let me know how you get on

  • Hi,
    my lo is 19 months and has also started biting. When does it, I immediatly pick him up and place him in our "naughty corner" tell him no in a firm voice and leave him there for 5 mins. The bitings are getting less frequent.
    Sara. x
  • Hi

    My daughter is the shame, she bit a friends little girl on tues - I was horrified, she only seems to do it to children her size tho she is 2 next month. I like the idea of the naughty corner, might try give that a go.
  • she is got such a temper. she isnt even 2 yet. tryed her 2day on the corner for a min. have any u guys seen the TIME OUT mat. i discovered it in mothercare, didint think i would need it so soon. may just buy it now! x
  • Hi Roxy

    Sounds like your lo is hitting terrible twos as well. Mine is 22mths & has been "naughty" from about 20 mths, & like yours has quite a little temper on her. I saw the timeout mat but didnt get it because I didnt want to glamourize the situation by giving her something that could be mistaken as a newtoy for when she was being punished.
    We also introduced a reward chart for good behavior a couple of weeks ago with an incentive for her if shes a good girl (I know it could be seen as bribery!!) & just by telling her that if she continues to do that she will lose a sticker she will stop what shes doing & behave.
    I felt that sometimes when we were using the naughty step we were constantly drawing attention to the bad behavior that was why we introduce a reward chart. By using a combination of the 2 we def have a different little girl

  • sounds good. im due 2nd in jan. she will be 20 months, just want it 2 stop b4 the lo comes along. dont want he bitting her little bro x
  • Hi Roxy

    I knw what you mean. I'm due on 26th nov & thats why we wanted to get her behavior settled before then. Shes not a bad wee thing though, I think its just her age

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