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MMR side effect rash?????

My little boy had the MMR jab (13 months) last week and this morning has come out in a rash on his cheek and by the side of his mouth. He had a bit of a temperature last night and has been a little grumpy-which isn't like him! It's the rash I'm worried about. Em


  • Hi,
    I would give NHS direct a call or take him to get checked out just to be on the safe side. I had a reaction to the injection apparantly when I had it as a baby with a rash and convulsions (not sure in what order). I think it is sometimes the bodies way of dealing with the vaccine although you would have thought he would have reacted ealier than this.

    Hope all is ok, it may not be connected to the injection at all but I would definately get checked him checked out since there is a rash. x
  • Oh no, poor lad, hope all's ok.
    Gracie has hers next Friday and from what i remember from teh boys having it, they were grumpy for a day or two but were ok after that.
  • The measles side effects take a week to ten days before they would appear and it sounds like they have for your lo. The typical symptoms are fever, irritability and of course the rash. Poppy had this and developed a full blown attack of measles and was at the emergency docs twice. All he said was to keep her temp down ( by waking her every 4 hours through the night) by giving her calpol and that's about it.
    If you're worried at all though, ring NHS direct and tell them when he had the vaccine - all I'm telling you is what we went through with my lo and what we were told to do.
    Take care
  • Thanks everyone. I gave George some calpol last night and the rash has died down this morning. George is not doing well with his sleeping, but I think that's common after the injection too. Hope the rash stays away or I'll definitely call nhs direct, thanks again x
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