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hi well what can i say my 17 month old son is ill hes ran a temp today of 39.9!!!! i took him to the badger clinic they gave me antibotcs and iburfen, hes not really a boy who sits and cuddles you but tonight he sat on my lap(to my delight) and hugged me he didnt cry he just sat looked at me with his weepy eyes as they streamed i cried lots if i could have taken all that ill feeling a hundred times over i would have!!!!
tomorrow i will be at home with him on my own and i want to amue him but dont know how i can do this plz plz any ideas it may just perk him up a bit??

i throught that he may like to go out in his buggy for a walk?? i could talk to him as i have a rear facing buggy??
we could do some drawing?? im not to sure what else we could do??
plz plz as tomorrow could be stressfull??????


  • Awww bless

    Take your cues from him hun. A walk will b good as fresh air will help plus it's always nice just to get out, even for half hr, when u feel a bit poop. Be aware he may want to sleep more which won't b a bad thing as sleep is the body's way of recharging and healing. My youngest had a diorrehea bug last week and he slept quite a bit, nibbles little bits but wasn't too interested in food......oh, make sure he drinks plenty too.....ours loves cars so we played with them or let him do some scribbling on a pad but found he would get fed up quickly or tired.

    Hope the antibotics kick in quick and he perks up in a cpl days xx
  • hello there!
    thought id send you a reply because i had exactly the same scenario 2 weeks ago! my 18 month old was really poorly high temp and didnt want to do anything but sit on my lap the whole time! I kept it really simple for him and let him watch some kids tv and also he loves his books so he still liked looking at them.
    Sorry know im not much help but if he is anything like how Freddie was he probably wont be interested in doing much more!
    sounds to me like youre doing all you can and im sure hes loving all his mummy hugs! hope your little man gets better soon its so heartbreaking to see them unwell image

    Heidi xx
  • watch tv, read a book, go out for a walk & let lo sleep alot, the day will go quick if lo is napping loads, sonny sleeps loads when he's ill so hopefully your lo will do too.
  • No advice hun but didn't want to r&r. I hope you're little man feels better soon. How did you get on? x x x
  • My lo has had this the last few days and is not in the mood for eating either. I am just making sure she takes loads of fluids. She hasn't thrown up today but had during the weekend. I am lucky that she doesn't have a temp though. She is sleeping lots which is good as she is sleeping it off, It is only small doses here and there.
  • Sorry just read your post so any advice is a little late! But I hope it wasn't too stressful a day for you and that your LO is feeling better.
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