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Not clapping or waving at 1 yr

don't come on here much but something's been really worrying me the last few weeks and i knew i could turn to you ladies. My DS is not clapping or waving and he's nearly 13 months old. Ive been trying to teach him to clap recently but he plain refuses. Should I be worried?
Thanks ladies. xx


  • I think babies focus on different things sometimes so not necessarily a problem! Is he meeting other milestones? If so I definitely wouldn't give it a second thought. x
  • My DS doesn't wave. We wave Daddy off whenever he goes to work or goes out - but he still hasn't got the hang of it - he will be 1 next week.
  • My LO was exactly the same! She only started waving and clapping (the same day!) in the middle of her Gymboree class about a month ago and she is now 16 months. like Coco says, if he is meeting all his other milestones, then don't worry too much. Easier said than done, I know! I think I was more excited/proud/emotional when I saw the wave than the day she took her first proper step xx
  • My lo was the same with the clapping. I'd given up on trying to teach him weeks ago and now he only seen me clap when we sang or when i was saying well done but never showing him how and then one day (the day after his birthday) we were sitting reading a book together and he looked up at me like a wee lightbulb had gone off on his head and started clapping, he was so proud of himself!!

  • hi
    thanks for all the reassurance. he is meeting other milestones; he can stand unaided and take a few steps, he's babbling a lot, loads of eye contact and smiles. he can high five lol but not wave as such - he will hold his arm up at me if i wave at him. he has never clapped and doesn't seem interested at all. oh well, will try to stop worrying :roll:
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