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Nappy rash or something else?


Just wondering if anyone can help? Ive tried to get my baby girl (14 months) into the drs today but there was no appts so have to call back in the morning.

She has had what I thought was nappy rash for a couple of weeks, just red, not open or anything at the top of her legs, and her girlie bits - all external. She has never had bad nappy rash before but in the odd occasion that she has has it slightly, sudocrem has cleared it up almost immediately.

Its been getting worse for a few days and this afternoon I took her nappy off (she had had it on for around 2 1/2 hours and wasnt dirty or very wet and she was so red and it looked on the verge of bleeding. I have left her nappy off as long as possible and have used conotrane tonight as advised by the pharmacy but it hasnt improved but neither is it bothering her. She doesnt cry when she is washed or when she gets in the bath. Its seems really dry and I am wondering if it could be excema - can you just get it in one localised area or a type of thrush on her skin? I dont want to put something on it that will make her sore. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel so sorry for her - even though it is getting her down.


Jo x
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