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Feeling like poo!

hello all, i have been so poorly since Thursday and can't seem to shift it! i've got most of the symptoms of swine flu apart from the high temp! is anyone else feeling like this? my lo is at nursery today and yesterday she was with my oh's mum so i could rest! one min i'm hot the next cold, got a cough and sore throat! my head is pounding and my chest is sore! i'm taking day and night cold tablets but its not shifting! i'm meant to be at work but can't face it! I hate being ill!!!!!!!!:cry:


  • oh babe i hope you feel better soon. i havnt had it myself but know lots who have and they all got over it pretty quickly. dont go to work in case you have got swine flu and get as much help with lo as you can so you can rest xx
  • Thats how ive been for two weeks! Oh had full blown swine full with high temp aches hot cold etc. Ive just felt poo with dry cough sore throat headache xx
  • Ooo I'm not poorly but just wanted to say that sounds like crap!
    Hope ur starting to feel better soon and don't worry about work, probably far better you stay at home anyhow just incase.

    Get well soon xxx
  • Ah, that sounds horrible hun! I heard on the radio yesterday that as well as the dreaded swine flu, there are a lot of nasty viruses out there at the moment - with the same flu-like symptoms.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  • Ive got flu!!!! got to get oh to get me that tamiflu and cannot leave the house until i've taken all tablets! great! i seem to be getting worse then better, got horrible earache today!

    Thank you all for your replies xxx
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