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This may sound a bit daft but do foreign holidays with little ones fill anyone else with dread.

My other half wants to go away for two weeks at the end of August with our little one who will be three in June. I have alaways end up getting bored on holiday and feeling unsettled. I also don't like flying, I realise I won't have chance to get bored with a three year old but am worried with her being out of routine etc (think I am probably looking for excuses due to my foreign holiday phobia!!). She has been abroad twice before once for a week at about fifteen months and last year at two and a bit with in laws to Portugal.

We are going to rent a cottage in Wales for a week in June and am so looking forward to that.

Does anyone else share my problem (probably sound really selfish as I am potentially having two holidays) or can you give any positives for taking three year old awy or any family friendly resorts within a short flight time...

Any advice gratefully appreciated as my o/h thinks I am a bit starnge.




  • hi Ali,my son will be 3 in August,and he hasnt been abroad yet.we always do Haven holidays,which he absolutely loves.we are going to Devon next week for 10 days,and we cant wait! my friend has taken her son abroad twice and she said it was great.think we might go abroad next year. anyway,good luck whatever you decide. Gayle xx
  • i know what u mean about worrying! hi ali! we live in malaga but we are flying to mallorca next thursday for a weeks holiday with husband and daugher elisa who has just hit the terrible two????s and actually i must confess i????m dreading meal times especially as she is acting up lately and refusing to eat...i????m worried that going away will also upset her routine even more and i????m dreading the worst...but as my husband says we have been looking forward to some family time away for ages so i????m sure its ok to chill out a bit when you????re away and just get back into routine as soon as u get home right? anyway i????ll let u know how it went! hope we keep in touch,
    amanda xxx
  • Hi Amanda

    Thanks for your reply, glad I am not the only one who has fears about hoildays but two year olds do strange things to you don't they:lol I am sure you will have a great time, how long is the flight time for you? I think that is my biggest fear and my o/h wants to go to one of the Greek islands so that will be at least four hours.... How long have you been in Malaga for? (sorry I am just nosey!!!) I would be really interested to know how you get on, my little girl will be three by the tiome we go so hopefully will outgrow the terrible twos very quickly!!!!

    Good luck with ttc too - i have spotted your name on the other forum, I am only a sneaky visitor at the moment as o/h has wanted to wait after our missed m/c in Jan, I am just more broody since then.... Hoping that I have just about changed his mind and I will become a regular (well hopefully not that regular, would rather be on the pregnancy forum!!!) on the ttc forum.

    Take care. Love alixxxx

    P.S - Gayle - Thanks for your replies - Devon sound like bliss to me but o/h is admant he wants to go abroad....
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