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Recommend some toys for first birthday - help please

Hi ladies, well my little rascal is 1 next month, i cannot believe how fast this year has gone. Anyway I was going to buy him a little trike but now my nan has decided to buy him one so I am completely stuck on what to get him. All his toys are pretty babish now so he really needs some more - wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks ladies x


  • My Lo was 1 last week, and these presents seem to be favourites so far:

    I just wish the garden would dry up as the activity gym is currently in the living room!

    He's also loving the cardboard boxes and the paper cups left over from his party!
  • Cole has that whizz around garage and he loves it.
    Also, he has tons of the ELC happyland -a gain loves it. The happyland stuff is great, my goddaugther got lots for her first birthday too (she's 6 months younger htan cole) and cole, goddaughter and goddaughters older brother & sister (3&5) will all play happily with it for ages.
    We put cole's bouncy castle up last week and he loves it - can't bounce yet but he likes to climb on it and be bounced.
    The bike was a hit too (although havent' got it out in ages! oops!)
    We also got him the ELC ball table thingy.. - this one and he still loves that.
    Tent & tunnel set for outside - again loves it.

    Also the ELC my first music centre, any of the 'thats not my...' books, noisy books, cars, trains.

    I know it sounds like a lot but cole's birthday is 22 Dec and i can't remember what was christmas and what was birthday!
  • The trike will be great, I would imagine you'll get a lot of toys so what about getting a cute little chair/armchair to sit in like a grown up?
    I also had a dec baby and amongst the presents we had a beanbag dragon, helter skelter- which he enjoyed watching at 1 and now at 19mths loves playing, mega bloks & truck, bath toys, music drum elc ........ I think anything you pick will go down great or if you can't decide why not take lo down to elc or toys r us and see what they're drawn to image
  • beanbag dragon? Where was that from? I want I mean i'm sure cole would love one!!

    forgot about the shape sorters - cole has a few different ones and he loves them.
  • My dad bought Kara a Trike and it was a great present. We were going to buy it to her but he bought it instead. We got her a little touch leappad although she is only starting to use it properly now and she is nearly 2. They get far too much so I don't see any problem in getting something that they can use at a later date.
  • we this for but in pink she love it or i got something like this for boys at that age they played with it still they were 5 and still would if i did not throw it away
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