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My dd is almost 2 & we still use her baby monitor when she goes to bed. I still need to use it really as there would be no way we can hear her cry from our living room & she is still in her cot.

I am pregnant again & due in Nov, by which time i am planning on putting dd into a bed & moving her into another room so we can keep the nursery as a nursery for baby.

Just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation as im not sure if i buy another monitor would we not get really bad interference.

Not sure what to do!



  • Sorry but no advice as only got one lo! I've only just this week put her monitor away though and she is 22 months!
    I just wasn't ready to give it up till now!
  • Hi,

    I was in the same situation when I had baby no.2 as my lo had just turned 2 and like you I wouldn't have heard her from her room. She was still in her cot too at the time. We bought another monitor and have only just stopped using it with her and she turns 3 in October. We left her in her cot for a couple of months while lo was in her crib in our room before putting her in her own bed. We didn't want her feeling pushed out of her cot etc because we had a new baby and this seemed to work. We've found she can shout loud enough now and can get up and find us so we've stopped using it!! We have used it on the odd occasion eg if she's had a cold or been poorly , but that's more down to me worryng I suppose.

    Our 1st monitor was a Tomy digital one so we bought another digital one, this time a BT one You'll only get interference if your monitors are analogue as they only have one channel which is why people in flats etc can pick up the sound of other peoples lo's. Digital monitors have 100s of channels to choose from to always get the clearest sound. We've never had a problem using both at the same time. We didn't spend a huge amount on the second monitor as we knew we would only be using it for a short time but it was essential at the time especially as Megan had a few unsettled nights when her baby sister arrived.

    Have a think and perhaps have a look in the sales. You migh not need it for too long but if you're like me ou might want it for peace of mind. xx
  • Thanks for the advice ladies, I think i'll have a look for another monitor (think our dd's monitor may be anologue as it picks up interference) so may even have to buy couple of cheapish ones!

    Thanks again!
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