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You can't take your eyes off them for a minute!

What a day! We were getting ready to go out this morning, when my little boy tookthe washing tablets out of the cupboard and bit into it! He started to dry retch and then started throwing up. Ended up in an ambulance going to A&E and spending the morning in hospital. He never goes into the cupboards, so we've never bothered putting locks on the doors. First thing we are going to buy in the morning.
He's ok now, very chesty and lots of mucus build up in his throat. Think it has been a lesson for us, to put locks on the cupboards. Felt really bad as the nurse was shocked that we didn't have locks on the cupboards, so that made me feel really bad.


  • Poor wee lamb, and poor mummy too! We have locks on some but not all cupboards so we best get the rest done!!! Hope he's feeling better soon xxx
  • hope feel better soon i still got lock on cupboards from my eldest was baby he now 7 but do need to get some more locks we all eye in back are heads they are in to every thing
  • Bless - poor little thing and you of course!!
    I only have locks on one cupboard (cleaning things in and dog food) and she has learned how to open it so not very useful anymore!
    Hope he's feeling better soon.
  • Ah bless him - hope he feels better soon! It's so scary isnt it? Don't feel bad about not having the locks hon - if he never went in the cupboards, why would you?

    He looks like a little sweetie on your avator!


  • Aw hun i know how you feel my lo Leo done the exact samething about 3 weeks ago i have the cupboards tied and he managed to untie them and bit into one swallowed it then rubbed it into his face trying to wipe it off he threw up 3 times he was screaming as it was hurting his eyes and we had an ambulance ride to a&e aswell where we just washed his eyes out and monitered him all morning.

    It took a day or 2 for the swelling in the eyes to go down but was ok. At the hospital they said he was the 3rd 1 that week to do the same, i have stopped buying as they look like big sweets.Glad he is ok take care vikki xx
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