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I have one very clever little boy!!

Well...remember i told you the other day hes doing poos in the potty when you sit him on? Well, every night before bed we let him crawl around the bathroom naked and we usually show him the potty and sit him on. Today he went straight to the potty, pulled up the lid and tried to sit on. he needed a little help but once he sat on he did a poo!!!!!!! I'm so proud!!!! He isn't even 16 months til tomorrow!!!!

Just wish he would pee in the potty lol! It's the age old problem of not having his little man tucked in and peeing over the side!!! lol!


  • wow, for 16 months, that's fantastic!!
    well done x x
  • Well done!! That;s great!
  • Can anyone tell me tho...what do I do next? lol This kind of happened by accident image

    I have to say that I haven't had to clean any pooey nappies for nearly a week !!! All in the potty!
  • omg that is amazing! I would put him in pants next....

    With my 2 boys I waited till 2.5 before I even tried - but tbh my little girl seems ready to start potty training at 18 mths - we're going to get those potties out of the loft and start letting her run around the garden with no nappy on!

    Hope it goes well for you!

    Mims xxx :\)
  • yay! how fantastic that it has happened without any fuss and stress. fingers crossed for the wees!
  • Well I ignored the signs today that he needed a poo...he took his trousers off in bed when he was down for a nap. He has never taken his trousers off. Poor wee boy was trying not to do a poo but couldn't help it, mummy had missed the boat!!! Felt really bad! Think I'm going to leave the potty around more often now...

    lol on the pee front he simply has no clue lol!
  • My wee boy has been doing his poos in the toilet or potty since he was 18 months or so. It started coz i thought he was always constipated coz he would squeeze for ages to no avail. Then one day he did it before he got in the bath and i realised the prob was he was squeezing in and not out so i put him on his changing mat and lifted up his leg and out came the poo. We started doing this whenever he squeezed and he was soon just going on his potty.

    He sorted the pee thing out pretty much by himself as well by telling me he needed a pee and asking for big boy pants and the potty just before he turned 2 which i thought was too early. He proved me wrong and he is great.

    Just got to sort out night time now. Not quite so easy!!!

    Gemm x
  • Ohhh gemm that would be fab if we managed that!!! Oh yeah nighttime is a totally different matter! Especially with little boys!
  • thats good faith did first poo on the potty when she 7 months old we tring to get wee sample but end end up with poo sample tehe . i not used the potty again but might just start tring her at bath time
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