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What does everyone give your lo's to snack on during the day?
I have just been reading that it is best to avoid biscuits etc because of the sugar content and give healthier options but are they talking about normal biscuits or the ones made for babies?
Kade has the organix animal ones, gingerbread men, berry bears and those round alphabet ones. He has a biccie mid morning and sometimes one in the afternoons if not having fruit. He also has rice cakes and those spicy tomato stars.

I have never really thought much about this as they are designed for toddlers aren't they? But now am getting worried I'm feeding him rubbish and should be giving him fruit and veg sticks with dips lol.

He's dairy intolerant so not everything is an option for us. What do you guys give as snacks?


  • I give floyd the organix biscuits or the organix crisp things ...he'll have 2 or 3 biscuits depending on the size normally in the afternoon sometime and sometimes he'll have a banana or satsuma aswell as a biscuit. When i have raisens he'll have a small box of them.
    He wont really have raw veg and he's gone off his food at the mo so im trying not to let him snack but feel mean as he's probably hungry...
    if im eating a biscuit then he'll normally have a bite of that but dont let him have 'grown up' ones as they are pretty bad...
    i think what your giving him is fine but if you wanted to try things such as veg sticks then do as lo will probably like the variety
  • evie regularly has a banana or some raisins as a snack which she loves. other than that she has cereal bars (i just give her the ones i'd eat!) biscuits or organix fruity cereal bars. xx
  • fruit normally, banana, grapes or rice cakes. I do my up most to avoid giving them biscuits but it doesn't stop my older two from asking!!
  • Poppy has grapes, raisins, rice cakes and sometimes carrot & cucumber sticks with hoummous which she loves!
    How is the gorgeous wee man anyway?!!
  • Thanks all! Tried him on some veg sticks but noooooo, he didn't want to know lol.

    Kade is doing great thanks Donna. He's making us laugh a lot with everything he does and his talking is really coming along now. Can't quite believe they are nearly 20 months now hey?
    Hope Poppy is well xx
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