FAO Mrs Pink Playboy :D

Hi hun,

How are you? did you get your bfp or af yet?

Think am 10/11 dpo af not due until 2nd May going to be a loooooooooong weekend and hubs is away on a stag do so am probably going to have to wait it out until he is back.

SD x



  • Hey image

    Im not too bad. Im on CD34 and no AF yet. Ive been getting v faint lines on my SD tests, 1 of them i didnt need to squint and the other i can barely see to be honest. Might be evaps. I had great fun taking them apart image although i stabbed myself a few times trying to force them open.
    I used a OPK today and it was really dark, i nearly jumped out of my skin! came up in a minute. Not sure if im late OVing or its picking up HCG.

    Ooohh your 10/11DPO, any symptoms yet? :\)

  • Hi

    Well hard to say because we ate indian food sat night and too much info * have had bad guts ever since* the odd twinge in my tummy and side of my boobs feel sore. I was in a dead weird mood at work yesterday like I was in my own little world.

    We BD last night and it was sore so think I could have another UTI!!!

    I have no tests left I done a CBD last night and saw another NOT PREGNANT. I am too scared to poas any other HPT's I will probably go for the usual altho boots cheapies were good last month.

    Dont think I could take another month of heartbreak and confusion.

    Am at the nurses tomorrow to have my first CD35 blood taken and have to go next month on CD35 and month after, hubby has to have a sperm count done at his GP's then beginning of august we will find out if there is anything wrong with us.

  • Hey girlies!!

    i am on CD22 and still no sign of ov!! looks like another long'un!!! lol

    hey SD can't believe your body is still playing games!! such a nightmare!!! hopefully your holiday over your anniversary will do you good!!

    hey mpp crikey your body is being a nightmare too!!!! hope its BFP for you!!

    i still do not know what to get hubs for our anniversary!!! what are you girls getting your hubs!!

    sorry to gatecrash your thread!! lol

  • Gatecrash away hun, well to be honest i think I am just going to get my hubs a card as we will be away on holiday so going to get it early and give him it at home.

    On holiday we are going to go off complex and book a restaurant and have a special meal, I mean its paper for 1 year and my hubby is not romantic so dont think he would appreciate a poem or anything like that.

  • my hubs is far from romantic too!! to top it off i have to rebook our meal for the end of june as he has to work all of our anniversary weekend!! booo!!!

    your plane tickets are paper so you have a joint gift!! lol!!

  • Yey never thought of that hun

    He he xx
  • SS to hear you had bad guts. image Hopefully it is a symptom! I hope your blood test goes well.

    Hiya JC, As it was paper ive got him a ticket to see some magicans in london in july. He hasnt got me anything yet but i really fancied one of those bracelets that everyone seems to be getting. The ones where you buy all your own beads and bits and bobs so you can personalise it.

  • Thanks MPP

    I have been for progesterone blood today when af comes I have to go and have 3 different bloods tests done doc is testing for everything and tonight I came home to a letter for an ultrasound scan next friday?

    I didnt even know I was getting one? you had one didnt you? does it hurt?

    I have to have a full bladder and drink 1.5 litres of water 1.5 hours before appointment.

    Today have had orange cm and tonight it looks like a light brown do you think this could be implantation am 11dpo so so scared to test and if I do get my BFP do i still go for this scan and blood tests just incase it turns out to be another chemical pregnancy.

    Confused.com again xx
  • Hiya SD,

    It sounds like it could be implantation, the timing is right, fingers crossed!

    Oh wow thats a bonus that they have offered you a ultrasound though, That was the 1 thing i wanted to confirm if i was pg or not and it soon told me. Its exactly the same thing as when they do a pregnancy scan, they just put this warm gel on your lower abdomen and they just push down slightly with the scanning thing (dont know what to call it :lol: ), not nice when youve got a full bladder though! hehe. Its painless, quite an experience and at least we will know what to expect when having a pregnancy scan.

    If you get your BFP, i know its cheeky but I would still go and have the scan and wouldnt say anything, you could see the possible start of your baby! :\). I know im bad. hehe. Its the fact that they have also messed you about these past months, you deserve it.

  • Thanks MPP

    Am getting excited now I thought maybe it would be a vaginal scan to check my ovaries etc and I heard they hurt if there is such a scan

    OMG that would be amazing am so scared now tho have had to tell my boss whats been going on as I keep randomly bursting into tears.

    Also a colleague announced today shes going to b a double grandma and I couldnt handle hearing about it so I started crying and ended up telling her too.

    Am not saying for defo av mc as docs havent confirmed it but I know I had v.v. faint lines and then I bled so to me I had something and it never progressed.

    I really hope you get your BFP too, this afternoon the cm was like a fluorescent orange colour and this evening its light brown.

    So so scared and I reckon because of my bad experience of ttc I am going to be a nervous wreck all through pregnancy so good luck any beanie being born inside me.

    Am a bag of nerves

  • Hi SD, sorry to gatecrash but if the scan is an internal scan, its uncomfy but not painful - a bit like a smear test really. they will put ky jelly on the end of the scanner / camera thingy before inserting - sorry was trying to word that not crudely lol!!!

    I would also go for the scan as well even if you do get your bfp!! good luck to you all - hope you get your bfps!! xx
  • you beat me too it mrslolly :\)

    I had the internal one too, like mrslolly said, its not painful but it feels uncomfortable especially when they put the camera on the sides to look at your ovaries.
    I always wondered what i getting so worried about, as it wasnt what i expected.

  • Hi MPP

    It says ultrasound scan on the letter so think thats just the other one and not an internal, will have to wait and see.

    OMG am going to be bursting for the loo!!

  • hehe that was the hardest part coz you dont know how long they are going to keep you waiting.
    I waited 10 mins in the waiting room and it was the longest 10 mins of my life.

    I was only meant to have a ultrasound but she couldnt view it properly and i ended up having a internal one too, she just told me to empty my bladder and come back.

    You never know, but its nothing to worry about. :\)
    I think it might of been coz my bladder was too full.

  • Thanks hun, all sounds good just hope I make it to the scan with a full bladder image

    Am normally the opposite and really have a hard time drinking lots of fluid as I never feel thirsty

  • Me too, people never knew how i lived coz i always forgot to drink, not being thirsty.
    Im terrible with water so i didnt drink loads of it before the appt, im always really bursting for the loo straight away after drinking water.

    My appt was at 5:15 if i can remember right and i stopped going to the loo at 3pm and started drinking onwards from that point. Think i had 1 cup of tea and 1 small glass of juice and my bladder was full image , so she said, So just goes to show we dont need to drink loads.

    My hubby was literally pushing me away from the toilets, he wouldnt let me in! hehe. I know its the only way when we these scans that we have to hold on to our urine, but that is really bad for our bodies. image

  • Bumped cos I can see you are online hun image

    he he

    How are you? your so close to your BFP, in fact i think you already have yours!!


  • I saw you a minute ago and now your gone! :lol:

    Im good, abit tired, got a really itchy left boob now and i cant stop scratching it! Supposedly a symptom.

    I cant wait to test again on monday, its so tempting especially knowing i have 6 of the tests in my drawer. I still cant get over how much i spent on them today. we were having abit of a tiff in the middle of town about how much we reckon ive spent on them, he reckons about ??100.

    How are you feeling? anymore cm?

  • Oh lol if I told hubby he would have a fit lol

    I could have bought at least 2 CBFM's with all the money have spent on tests.

    I have used FRER, SD, Tesco, Boots, CB + and CBD and I dont know which one to trust!!

    Also used predictor we've both seen lines on predictors, SD, Boots and FRER and BFN, BFN, BFN on CBD's frustrating eh!!

    Men dont understand do they my hubby doesnt get excited hes away at the moment on a stag do I text him before as have been having cramps and said think am getting af and he text back ignoring what have said and told me about something else.

    I will have proper crack with him monday.

    I feel really sick, have a headache and my boobs are sore on the side and my nipples are so sore cant touch them!! Have had sore nipples now for about a month so god knows whats going on hun.

    Am looking forward to the scan on Fri at least we can start moving forward and who knows maybe there will be a beanie in there but not getting my hopes up

    Still having brownish cm now and again but not there all the time and crampy belly the cm started on thur afternoon it was orange at first and then thur nite brown, yesterday hardly anything and today bit of brown again looks mixed in and watery!!

    Its hard to work out whats going on wish had tested now as would have put my mind straight, oh well maybe buy some tests tomorrow and test monday morning if I can face it.

  • Oh my god i really feel for you on that one. My hubby would do the exact same thing.
    Infact when he picked me up from work i always ask how he is straight away, he never asked back. As soon as we got home i said, arent you gonna ask how i am? All i said was well im not bleeding anymore. I dont know what is wrong with men, they are so annoying sometimes. I think he doesnt want me to say anything about it, hes still not convinced about these faint lines. I think he wants to see it in words to believe it.

    I beginning to wonder that if you are actually pg, you must be around 8 weeks, if you only had spotting in march? I really hope you see something on your scan. what times your appt?

    My annual leave starts friday so ill be logged on most of the day and check for your updates.

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