ok i think im CD 15 any one else? would be good to see who mite get pregnant at simular times?? all being well xxjen


  • I'm cd19 of 28 day cycle so close image
    You on a 2ww or just starting to ttc?
  • hey,
    im just starting this is our first month! what is 2ww? ive got a 1 yr old already so this will be number2.
  • 2ww is 2 week wait between ovulating/ baby-making and when af is due or hopefully not lol
    We've a 16month old - she was a little surprise so a lot of this ttc is new to me as well.
    We're just taking a relaxed approach- did the business around cd12 when hopefully was most fertile image
  • I'm on CD15 of 28 AF due 20th May
    been ttc since i had a chem mc back in dec.
    Never tried before as I fell preg 3 times on the pill
    Fingers crossed we gat our bfp this munth and bucket loads of baby dust for all

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  • Hi Jen, I am also cd15 trying for number 2! Also only started this month but really hoping we've struck lucky! x
  • hey girlz....good to see there's a few of us!! and that we all have no clue!! lol i did it CD11+12 cuz we wanna try 4 a girl next!..
    so yes we will all have too keep each other informed!!
  • Hi there please can I join in...... I am CD16 today. This is my first month trying since a MC at 11 weeks in February, it has taken my body a bit of time to get back to normal.

    We have just got back from 10 days in Lanzarote, took some OV tests away with me and got positive on CD 11 and 12, we did alot of BD around CD10,11,12 and 13 and 14. Keeping fingers crossed, but not holding out to much hope as I think my cycle is still all over the place, not sure when AF will be due but think it will be around the 14/15th of May, my cycle seems quite short since the MC.

    Good luck all x
  • Afternoon ladies,
    How is everyone doing?
    Only 3 days into the 2ww and wish it was over this is gonna drag. nice there are a few of us in the same boat.
    baby dust to all
  • Hi ladies can I join you, I'm 1dpo and on cd18, AF due 19th May, really hoping it won't show, been trying for 18 months!

  • Im cd16 now...not sure when i ov'd or if i have yet! ADF due 22nd May
    Will be our 5 month ttc!!
  • Hi ladies, can i join you please? I'm on day 16 and this is 2nd mth ttc. AF due around 26th May. Gonna try and take a more relaxed approach this month, i got really stressed about it last month.
    Good luck everyone x x
  • Having a little bit of spotting today, have been reading up and it could be ovulation spotting when the egg bursts out of the folicle, apparently a good sign, hope so.......

  • 3054- hey sorry to hear bout ur MC. hope u get BFP really soon hun! keep us imformed!

    fingerscrossed- sounds good with the spotting! could be implatation!!

    how is every 1? im good im due AF on 20th so just taking it easy. xxjen
  • ne 1 having ne signs yet??? lol or is it too early....?
  • Hiya, not sure what is goin on with my body, still spotting, and cramping this is three days now, it can't be ov spotting or implantation spotting because it wouldn't last that long.............?

    Really not sure what to think so prob out already image(

    good luck everyone else xx
  • Hi Happy25, just wanted to say that i didn't ovulate last month till around cd19. How long is your cycle and how long have you been trying to conceive? x
  • This is my 2nd month too. I've still not ovulated yet but it's a bit early for me, my cycle is between 33 - 35 days at the moment. I'm sure you'll get a positive opk in next few days.

    All these opk's and hpt gonna cost a fortune x x
  • Thanks hun and good luck x
  • How is everyone doing?
    I'm slowly going insane and try not to symptom stop.
    CD18, 5dpo
  • Hi all, I am going a bit mad with the symptom spotting......

    I am CD23 today, got 2 smiley faces on OV test on CD10 and 11, very early but cycle bit messed up after MC.

    Since then I had a tiny bleed on the same day as OV and also had tiny pink colour when I wiped on CD19, exactly 8 days after OV, I have read up and think this could be an implantation bleed. Only this small amount and nothing more since.

    On top of that I had cramps on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and lower back pain. I have had nothing today though. Today I have had quite a lot of discharge (sorry TMI).

    I didn't want to be symptom spotting really as I dont want to drive mysely crazy, but it has happened.........

    I am going to test on Thursday, it will be CD26, I was also a 30 day cycle before MC and not sure what my cycle is now, but Thursday will be 2 weeks after OV, really hope I get a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is everyone else?
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