can someone help PLEASE!!!!!!

I am really new to all this but can someone please help???? My hubby and I have been ttc for only a couple of months after getting the all clear from having Endometriosis, i have been off the pill though for nearly a year now.
Monday I was walking round the office at work and had to grab hold of a desk as i went really dizzy and thought i was going to fall. Tuesday i didn't go into work as i had felt sick and ill all day, Wednesday the same. My period is due this Fri/Mon est. but never the same after coming off the pill... i decided to do a test...which came back with a very faint line. Then Weds...the same but a little darker. This morning i felt slightly better but still the sickness was there and I did a further three tests which all had the same result of a faint line. My hubby and friend say's i am pregnant but have been told i cannot be sure or visit the doc's until me period is late???
I am going out of my tiny mind, please can anyone shed any light????


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