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How much do you tell you OH's about your cycle?

just as the title says really, how much do you tell your OH's about your cycle and went is the right time, etc.

I think I have told mine too much!!! I was very excited to get my first smiley face on the CBD OPK on Sunday morning and showed hubby!!! Told him he would be getting lucky tonight!! ; )

Well, worst thing I could have done!!! I have put too much pressure on him probably!!! cos he is avoiding BDing now..... not intentionally cos he wants to start a family, but obviously just got a little "Stage Fright" ARGH!!! So cross withmyself for doing it!!! I knew I shouldn't have!!!

Any advice...have we missed the opportunity now, we BD'd yesterday morning, I got smiley face yesterday, will we be too late if we BD tonight?


  • Hey, i had exactly the same problem!!!
    U've still got plenty of time, when u get your smiley face its telling u that u should ovulate in the next 24-36 hours so defo get BDing tonight and tomorrow!! Good luck xx
  • You guys have made me feel much better, I am gonna try not to talk about it too much... I was really cross with his this morning and last night, and that doesn't help the situation at all, does it!!! LOL!

    Wombat Girl, We last BD'd on Friday morning then sunday! So hopefully if we BD tonight as well, we may just hit the jackpot.


  • sorry double post!! Don't know why it is doing that!

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  • my oh and I have a slightly odd thing going on, where nothing is really mentioned. I think it's for the best as we'd both be too excited/gutted/scared, so I'm charting and he knows when I jump on him to make sure he jump's back on me, so to speak for the next few days.

    He know's about charting and FF and how things work and my stuff's by the side of the bed and I think he does have a look at that. To stop 'putting pressure on him, I just said that it's actually much harder than you think to get pregnant and it seems to have worked!

    We occasionally talk about names and prams and stuff, but not in too much detail.

    Fingers crossed for you tonight NicolaH

    PS Loving the influx of rude veg on here too!
  • I think your right, but he does know that is can be difficult to get pregnant, he does his own little bit of research on the sly!! Bless him!! But maybe a talk to him (not tonight) about it all, maybe in order....

    Rude Veg was being used in TTC whilst I was over in "Planning" so couldn't use it then, but now we are TTC I can!!!
  • I used to keep it all quiet, but now DH wants to know things. He gets quite excited at the positive opks and asks me "when I'm laying an egg" haha.

    However, when I got my surge this month, I was about to go out for a meeting and told him I needed him quickly. He joked halfway through that he felt a bit under pressure, but managed 'to deliver' hahaha.

    I think it's a bit strange for them to get their heads around it all to start with, I know I didn't like saying too much in the beginning for the same reason - that I didn't want to scare him off. If I did blurt anything out, it was through excitement, like Wombat Girl.

    Fab news about the smiley face! I think it means you'll ov within 24-48 (usually 36) hours and the egg can live 12-24 hrs after that. The fact you bd yday and got your smiley yday is excellent - it means the swimmers will be waiting for the egg once it's relased! You still have more time tho if you want to get in a little more bding.

    And don't worry hon - men soon get over the stage fright if they see they're missing out!

    Best of luck! x
  • My OH asks questions every so often but even though i want a bambino he wants one that little bit more than me bless him so i tell him what he needs to know and he asks questions and i think because he wants a baby so much it would never put him off really!

  • Awww my OH is really cute with it - he knows then I am OV and when AF is due so asks all the right qus at the right time! And I tell him when we need to BD and he jsut does it LOL.

    The funniest thing is, I bought him some zinc the other day expecting him to makybe take it when i was around just to please me and forget about it the other days. Then last night i was pretending to be asleep and i heard him bring them up to bed with his sandwich supper hehe.

    good luck everyone xxx
  • I tell my OH way to much, he knows half of the abbreviations and often tries to look over my shoulder when I'm on here, which I go mad about... but then I will text him about CBFM and OV and BD'ing :lol:

    He knew when I got my peak on CBFM, I got my first one last Thursday and we fell out Thursday nightso didn't get to BD, got my peak again Friday but didn't speak to him until Fri night, after we had made up and BD'd he was like please tell me you're still on peak :lol: He also knows when I'm due on (and can tell if AF is coming) :lol: And he's a bit of a bugger for helping me SS because he gets excited image x
  • hiya, at first we agreed not to talk about it coz we didn't want to ruin the mood by talking ovulation and cm too much and make it seem mechanical, but that didn't work out too well coz hubby didn't really know enough about it and ended up not seeing the urgency to bd at the right times so i ended up getting frustrated with him and we decided that i'd just tell him everything that was going on and i explained about ov to him and stuff. that seems to have worked much better coz we're now on the same page and both know when we should be trying so i don't feel like i'm the only one who's making the effort! haha thats made it sound like a chore hasn't it! we're only on month 2 so certainly not there yet!
    i remeber the rude fruit from when i was in planning too! i'll have to have a look on google for a good one to use!
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