I think the 2ww has begun!

Well here we go again! :roll:

I can repeat it over and over (I will not symptom spot!), but it won't make it true! :lol:

TMI, I am sure I ov'd on Thursday CD 16, as had EWCM on Wednesday and increased niggly pain on Thursday. Also, I have no cm at all last night and today. Although I'm sure it will come back at some point! image

So who is joining me this month? Feel free to post, and we can not symptom spot together!!!!!



  • I'm joining you - i am either going to POAS next Friday or the Sunday after - think I ov'd last weekend!! Either of 2 dates as thought i had 40day cycle but last OV (if it was ) would make around 28 day cycle!! So I will try both just in case!!


    Does constant milding cramping pains count as symptom spotting? Lol!!
  • Yes immense that counts as symptom spotting!

    I'm only 2dpo and have started already! Mind you had similar last month so probably means nothing! Pain in right side, low down. Seems to be occasional up by waist too.

    Will ignore it, will ignore it, will ignore it!! lol xx
  • ...and me makes three, I'm due to test around the 23rd - think I ov'd around the 6th. Can't promise I wont symptom spot tho!!
  • and me makes 4,just started to 2ww today,i got a massive headache is that a symptom and also iam starting to put on weight but i think thats probably down to the bikkies ive been eating :lol:

  • i have no idea where i am in cycle following ERPC 3 weeks ago but i did have EWCM last weekend and we were a little bit naughty despite telling myself we would wait one AF... so i'm not sure if i'm on my 2ww. i'm waiting, put it that way!!!

    hope your 2wws go ok!!! xxxxxxx
  • Mrs e!!!! How exciting, i ov last sunday too!!! Heres hoping we get our bfps together yey!! xxx
  • yay woomummy!!! not getting my hopes up though in case it wasn't ov, and i've also had a horrible cold this week so not sure if that could have affected things as well...
    part of me is worried that we should have waited in case my body wasn't ready but i figure whatever will be will be!!

    so i will probably be symptom spotting over the next week to see what happens image

    fingers crossed for lots of BFPs soon image

  • not sure if im on 2ww wait or not only on cd12 now but got a pos on opk on cd9 when the net said between the 16th-21st
  • At least I now know who is in the same boat this month! Hopefully bfp's all round!

    Sarah - headache is a symptom...but might be a bit early yet hun!

    Keep me up to date girls! xx
  • :lol: no headache today,iam expecting the same symptom like my last pregnancy,the only one i got was really bad implantion pains but i got them at the end of the 2ww but i guess all pregnancies are different,the laptop is going in for repairs so hopefully will get it back before the 2ww is up but if not i hope to read lots of bfp when iam back
    good luck ladies,lots of baby dust

  • I'm only 3dpo, so I'm not symptom spotting, honest! lol

    Just stating I have sore nips! Like they are rubbing on bra. As well as sharpish pains in one side or the other, and now mild af type pain has started.

    Had everything but the nips last month. I know in some symptoms can start before implantation. But what symptoms has anyone heard of, and how many dpo?? xx

    Tbh I don't think we have done it this time. I am pretty sure we did not bd at the right time, was SO tired after lots of babysitting for the whole week i ov'd but really needed the money. We did bd but not as much as we probably needed to. Oh well not over till the bitch arrives!
  • Mithical, when I was pg with Alex, I had REALLY sore boobs, especially the nips and this started about 10 days before I was due to come on... So I'm guessing 4dpo. I remember thinking it was early for PMS symptoms but thought nothing more of it as was not ttc at that time. Good luck!
  • Hi socks, thanks for keeping me company!

    gemsie23, thanks a lot for your input. I really don't want to get my hopes up, but this is one thing I have never suffered with! If I'm honest TMI, I really don't have a lot of feeling in my bb's usually. So I'll just see how it goes, and if it spreads! lol! xx
  • When I had the sore nips, I also felt 'out of it' - kind of like a bad hangover, however was at work so thought that unusual too... Keep an eye on things - as I am sure you'll do! PMA PMA PMA!!
  • lol, thanks! xx
  • he he! Thank you hunny!


  • No worries chick the mopre threads we have the more we can symptom spot LOL

    K xx


  • I was sooo trying not to do that, and here you are being a bad influence! lmao! xx


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