Preseed or Zestica??

Hey there!!

I'm relatively new to all this ttc mullarkey- well the jargon and the many helpful devices at least!! All I have used so far on our journey is ov sticks and I recently heard about preseed and zestica and thought I may try one. They sound pretty much the same to me though so I was wondering if anyone has had a successful experience with either that they can share or can tell me the difference between the two?!



  • Hi hun, im using preseed for the first time this month so will see what happens. Ive heard success stories from both but more so with preseed. I think either is good hun xx
  • Hiya, when I was ttc my first I used preseed and was successful the second month of using that. It was fine to use, although you get too much in each little tube so i used to use half a tube and keep the other half till the next time (they say you're not meant to do that but I didn't care as it wasn't staying open for very long). never tried Zestica though.
  • I preferred the feel of preseed but got my BFP the first month I used zestica so it has to be zestica for me! xx
  • has to be zetica for me,in the squirty thing,i fnd the tubes have way too much stuff in them which is a bad thing as can swamp the sperm

    i have a 10% discount code for access diagnostics if you want im not going to use it,its a web site with loads of tngs like that and opk etc x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies!!Hmmm decisions, decisions,lol!

    That would be great thanks grudie, I was on their site having a look yesterday so I may just purchase from them! image Here's hoping we all get our BFPs using these!! image xxx
  • no problem chick its AD10 im sure its a code for everyone so other ladies could use it if needed

    the only problem i found with the 1 i got was putting it on in the dark as you cant see where the sprey bit is but other than that

    also the preseed tubes are a bit personal and you have to put it in 15 mins before your due to bd which ws a bit military for me and the noise after you put it in lol not great infront of people :lol:
  • HAHAHA actually LOLd at your "noise after putting it in" bit!!Sexy!! :P Thanks muchly for the code.I think I'm gonna give the Zestica a bash first as it does seem more "user friendly" if you like!If that doesn't work I'll try preseed,lol!Whatever,I just wanna bump that isn't my flubajub!!image

    Hope your good deed sends lots of baby dust to the right places!! image xxxx
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