anyone fancy a chat?

just wondering whos around for a wee chat O/T or not O/T image


  • Hey birthday girl, can i gatecrash?? image

    Hows you?? Im bored mindless, Sean is watching the barca game...!!

  • Meeeee! How are you doing? Where abouts in your cycle are you? x
  • Me too am in soooooo bored, its quiet on here lately.

    What do you want to chat about?

  • evening ladies how you all doing? im cd 26 today i think lol i just guess ow coz she never comes when i think she will :lol:

    course you can B,how are you,scotts wathing it also ggrrrr lol
  • I'm ok. Hubby is in hospital with meningitis so me and the boy are home alone image He's been in since Friday and is hopefully at last on the mend.

    I'm on CD4, month 6 x
  • Hi there. How you all doing? X
  • evening all. hope everyone is ok! oh is away to see dara o brien tonight so me and darren are at home! af is due on the 11 so im 3 dpo and getting a few pains today so a bit confused! how is everone tonight?
  • Hope ur hubby is ok goonie, good that he is getting better!!

    Im not bad, just tired an had a killer headache....its almost the weekend lol. Cant believe we r celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary next week...dunno where the time goes lol.

    Have u had any more thought on going to ur gp lisa??

  • oh no goonie,what ashame,bet your missing him,hope he gets well and out soon xxx
  • Hi all

    Goonie sorry to hear about your hubby hope he is on the mend.

    Bryony congrats on your 2nd anniversary, we are fast approaching our 1st and going on holiday to San Antonio Bay cant wait 4 weeks today woop woop.

    Grudie whats crack hun?

    Well am CD35, I ov on 16th April so am 11dpo today, I stupidly done a CBD last night and got a BFN I have an 18 day lp so AF not due till 2/3 May so am hanging on in there image and I have no tests left in the house now to tempt me.

    Not going to buy any until AF is late or a NO show.

    Am watching shameless from last night love it xx
  • Thanks! Its been pretty scary but he seems to be on the mend.

    *bryony* its our second anniversary in June, it does go so fast! x
  • Waves to nataliel and Vicsy xx
  • hello, evening ladies...mind if i join?x
  • waves back haha! might watch shameless too i fell asleep lol xx

  • Grudie whats crack hun?

    where did i say this chick?? im confused lol
  • Aw thanx, san antonio bay sounds lovely?!! Bet ur looking forward to that!! Anyone else got holidays planned?? Aw im so jealous, we wont be getting away, trying to save some pennys for bubs arrival in october lol.

  • Grudieeeeeeeee

    Hey chick, how you been?? xxx
  • hello, evening ladies...mind if i join?x

    no no chick not at all

    erm B not sure if il see gp yet,should really eh lol bloy hell tho time s flying by,just realised i never answered you on FB how rude but thanks again for my birthday wish and well done on hearing baby its great eh image
  • Grudie

    I meant whats the crack hun? as in what gives lol any news etc?

  • Waves back. X x

    Bryony I don't think we'll be going away either for the same reason as you. Sd I'm jealous if you. It's our anniversary on 26 may. May has been a busy wedding month. Four years for us though. X
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