so its decided.....

hi girlies,

i have decided to stop being so obssesd with cm inspecting, cd counting and testing. i have decided to just try and chill as much as poss, not count my cycle days and just bd as much as poss! i doubt t will work but i wil give it a go. my weddings coming up so i have forgotten what cd i am on lol, i have so much to think about atm, so im just gonna try take it easy for a few months, obvs try and bd at the right time, but not be so analitical about everything (dont no if i spelt that right?) just gonna go with the flow and hope i get my bfp soon, if it doesnt happen i shall change my tactics. anyone with me?

baby dust! xxxxx


  • That's my plan too. Although this is my first attempt post mc so I want to give myself the best chance ie. Less stress, more bd :lol:

    Also I didn't start using my cbfm on cd1 so I can't even if I wanted lol!

    Good luck hun
  • awww so sorry to hear that lady2188, glad its not just me trying a different approach, hopefully we get lucky image good luck to you aswell xxxxx
  • I'd love to not be so analytical ... but I'm an accountant LOL !!

    I am trying to chill out too (think last night was my release from the stresses of ttc) ..

    I'm sure AF will get me this month, and I'm just going to try and listen to my body for a while..

    Good luck for your wedding *me* - you must be super excited ...

  • I am so with you on that one. I worry at the best of times and what with just finding out about my IBS I need to try and stop worrying about silly things. I too will obviously change my tactics if it doesn't work but at present we are just planning on BD every other day and just trying to enjoy it. I guess we are just letting fate decide for us xx

  • coolies, so lets al try and be less stressed about it all image yeah im super dooper excited shirls image 9 days to go .... eeeeeek! good luck everyone image xxxxxx
  • im doing the same here, just finished my af 2 days ago, im gonna relax a bit more this month see what happens xx
  • good plan hun! hopefully this will change our luck so far! and maybe we will all be dif, or dim? xxxx
  • *me* - I meant to say in my post good luck / break a leg with your wedding. Weddings themselves are so stressful so added with worrying about TTC will double your stress. You will probably find once the wedding has happened you will relax more and may well on your honeymoon in a nice relaxed atmosphere...conceive a bean! Are you OCD with your wedding planning? I was I had a file the same colour as my colour scheme with dividers with everything from wedding dress - 1st dance ha ha.

    I think if and I will eventually to OH get married again I would go abroad as I did the whole big white fairy style wedding with horse and carriage and want something much simpler this time with just close family. I am guessing you are on YAYW site too? xx

  • hi G/C from DID but i fell pregnant the month of my wedding as i had been completely wedding focused! and me and hubby only BD about twice lol and I wasn't even aware of my dates! I used to hate it when people said it will happen when you least expect it but now I do believe it happens! Good luck and enjoy every second of your day as it goes so quick!! xx
  • Im defo going to take this approach next month, im pretty sure im out for this month now, i really need a month off worrying! xxx
  • I wish I could take the relaxed approach but I just don't have it in me!!

    You must be so excited in the run up to your wedding, enjoy every second, I would so love to do it all again!

    Fingers crossed you'll come back with a honeymoon baby too x
  • thanks for all your good wishes image i hope the same happens to me CJG xxx
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