ok ladies, i need your expert advice!

My period was due on Saturday and as of yet its a no show. I had really bad cramps on Sunday morning and felt sure i was getting af but still no sign of it.
What i was wanting to know is what could that pain have been? Why isnt af here as we are not activly trying anymore due to recent mc. I do feel a little sick but the cold is going around, i do get a sharp stabbing pain in my lower tummy on my right side. Do you think af is coming or am i pregnant? x :cry:


  • When you say you're not actively trying, are you still having regular sex? If so then yes, you could be pregnant.

    Do a hpt!!
  • Firstly, so sorry about your m/c, I know you said you are not actively trying but if you are still having unprotected sex then I agree with gypsy. Take a test.
    I'm not sure about the cramps, our bodies are strange creatures, maybe your body is still a little confused after your m/c? Are your cycles completely back to normal? Could it be an ov pain? It can't hurt to do a test and put your mind at rest.
    Good luck xxx
  • im really not an expert but what your describing sounds like the symptoms i got before i found out i was pregnant with first. in fact i stayed off work coz i thought it was my af and it was to be my first since coming off the pill so i reckoned it was going to be bad but as i said turns out i was pg. good luck.xxx
  • I am afraid to, we decided to try again in October but you know how you get carried away with the moment LOL I have told OH that im late and he says to wait to test, im scared :cry:
    I would be happy if i was pregnant but i know id be worried sick the whole time and Ellie is only 7 months old, i know, i sound so stupid, i just dont know wither to be happy or not, i think i will get hubby to go get a test this evening. x
  • you dont sound stupid at all. expecially after your m/c. chloe is 18months and we are just trying but im also very nervous and although im desperate for another im scared at the same time. its hard not to worry isnt it but the girls are right you really must put your mind at ease or you will just worry more.xxx
  • I will get hubby to get the hpt tonight as were we live the whole town would know if we bought a test in the local chemist! LOL We will have to drive miles away to get one. x
  • we did that first time round. we went to tesco ages away late at night and i still managed to get stuck in the queue in front of the biggest gossip in our village and make matters worse the checkout women couldnt get the box open and had to shout for someone else.lol. good luck and be thinking of you. let us know how you get on.xx
  • I am LOL'ing at you having to drive to get a hpt!

    Good luck Diane image
  • You don't sound stupid at all!! If lo is only 7 months and you've had a m/c I'm not suprised you are scared! Send hubbie out on his mission of mercy!!! :lol:
    Sending you lots of pma! Good luck xxx
  • Thanks guys, i cant hardly wait till he gets home now, im sorta tempted to go and get one now! LOL
  • Just drive the miles to go get one, what else u going to do all day, hehe xx
  • Diane, go & get one NOW!!!!!!!!! Let me know your result!!! xx
  • Hilary i cant! I really want to but there is this little niggle in the back of my head saying that if im pregnant i will be sooooo happy, i know im ready for another baby but im not sure if im ready for the pregnancy if you know what i mean. You know what my pregnancy with Ellie was like, it was the worst case senario in every sense of the term. I think i will burst if hubby dosnt come home soon!!!! Also he did say last night that he wanted to wait till i was at least a week late before testing but i dont think i can wait that long.
  • Diane

    Just saw your post on the homepage.

    GO BUY A TEST!!!!

    You can join me and Carolyn in the "Must Be Mad To Be PG Again So Soon Gang" if you get a BFP.

    Kelly x
  • I know exactly what you are saying. What time is Gary due home at?
  • He is due home at 4.15. I swear im getting all excited now!LOL If i am id be due on the 22nd of Janurary! Oh im really hopeing i am now, i feel sick at the thought of it saying its negative, its so weird, when i got my last BFN i was relieved but i think i will cry all night if its negative this time.
  • If you took a test now you can at least know - the not knowing is worst. Give yourself a bit of time to calm down, go out on a mission for a test then bight the bullet and do it. If you know one way or the other you can then talk it through with your OH, at the moment the worries are making you more jittery.
    Good luck x
  • Good luck Diane, hope you get the result you want and that your hubby gets home soon to put you out of your misery lol!

    We're thinking of ttc number 2 when Bren will be 8 months old so you are not totally crazy. xx
  • Thanks guys, i just keep looking at the clock and waqnting him to be home. I will come on after he gets me one and let you all know!
  • My fingers are crossed that you'll get the result you want!!!

    OMG I'm all excited for you now. I hope hes stopping to get one on the way home!!!! LOL xx
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