mind playing tricks?

well im 7DPO today (i think) and all day ive been getting tummy aches and weird sharp pains.
ive got loads of sticky/creamy cm (tmi) and keep going to the loo as feel damp down there!

i really cant remember how i first felt when i was pregnant with dd, all i remember is having a bleed and then getting really bad period pains.

i am going to drive myself mental this week by trying to convince myself im pregnant when im probably not!

anyone any tips on how to stop myself from going mad?!



  • Im exactly the same but 8dpo!!!

    feel really ill and had stabbing pains saturday!! got back ache as we speak!!

    all i can say is try not to test early and i no its easier said than done but try to get it out of your mind!

    i finish work at 4 so thats 7 hours before bedtime i have to fill my time with! lots of cleaning should do the trick lol


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  • Ooh Im 7dpo aswell. at 5dpo i had stomach cramps and cm tinged with blood, few cramps yesterday and today i have had lots (sorry tmi) of creamy cm?? fingers crossed for us all.x
    is creamy cm a good sign? xx
  • O Rach I hope it is a good sign image

    Still no AF since MC and I tested last week but BFN so I am still hoping I might still get a BFP(will be testing again on Thus if I can wait that long image )
    I am also getting lots of creamy cm and I thought I might had come on earlier but when I looked it was no AF image

    I would love us to bump buddies again.

    Gem xx

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