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Another day another BFN!!!

Okay so here's the story I am on CD32 of a 27-33 day cycle (and just to say it really is 27-30 as over a 16mth period I have only ever had a 33 day cycle once about 10 mths ago and a 32 day cycle 2 mths ago) any way here I am on CD 32 no sign of AF.

On CD29 I had BFP on a CB as most of you probably know since I posted the pic on sat and since then have been getting BFN. Am very confused.

Have been getting all the symptoms i.e I have vomited due to the smell of pineapples, I have been very nauseated and (.)(.) are very tender and are bigger, there is no sign of the usual symptoms of AF i.e the chocolate load I usually eat the week before, and the mild dull aches in my lower back Nothing, I think I am going insane!!!!!

So all I can do now is wait which is sending me quite crazy. Because clearly I have money to waist I have done a test nearly every day and today another BFN.
I will keep you all updated on my insane wait for AF or BFP which ever arrives first, I would have rather not had the BFP, just want to scream AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Thanks guys for listening to my rant!!! (Gees so many exclamation points...LOL)


  • Oh Twinkle, you must be going mad. I feel your pain!!!

    What test brands have you used? did you test today?
  • Hi Twinkle, I am sorry you are having such a nightmare - I had no idea you had been getting BFN's following your BFP the other day. Why don't you keep testing, give it a week and then ask your doctor to check your HCG levels?
  • Hi twinkle how strange!!
    Have you tried the cb brand again to see if thats still showing +?? How bloody frustrating! Im the same as lottie i only asumed it was a def bfp as the pic was so clear.

    Annette xxx
  • I have a record of tests here they are,

    Before CD29 a few ebay cheapies VVfaint BFP
    CD29 CB BFP
    CD30 CBD BFN x 2 FMU and SMU
    CD31 ANSWER BFN x 2 test with FMU and SMU as sometimes the second can be stronger
    CD32 (today) Boots BFN x 1
    CD33 (tomorrow) DH has said he will get me CBD twin pack to test tomorrow and CD34 as I got a BFP on CD33 in Jan

    I know I am obsessed but DH is obsessed right along with me.
  • oh hun you must be going out of your mind poor you

    id maybe make an appointment at the docs,dont no if you can get one straight away as i no some can take a week.maybe make 1 for friday get some bloods done
  • Good luck twinkle!
    Annette xxx
  • I just feel usless as there is nothing i can do, and i would just like to no either way, its the not knowing thats getting me down, if i started AF i would at least be able to start planning my next cycle, just want to pull hair out.....LOL but im still smiling
  • Aw Twinkle...that'd drive me nuts! Fingers crossed that you start getting only BFPs! xxx
  • Ahh twinkle, just want to give you a big hug. x
  • Thanks guys, Just emailed DH a dull ache in my lower back has just started so am waiting for AF to arrive tomorrow, Still feel sick nauseous though, Hubby said he's still holding out but i think i will start tomorrow,

    So i guess we will know tomorrow either way
  • Awww, big hugs & fingers firmly crossed for you xx
  • Hey twinks this is a bloody joke really isnt it!!! Do you think theres something in our water giving us all these positive symptoms!!! Well wait & see hun hopefully AF has disappeared send her down the rd to me if you like LOL. Wait until tomo or day after & do another test. Fingers crossed hun xx
  • Thanks Lau, its the not knwoing that gets me, i have been at my desk writing out different ways i can tell if AF is on her eway checking and double checking i got my dates right .....LOL i guess it gives me something to do.

    Hows you and you CBFM
  • I know what you mean hun thats what I was doing, checking I got ov right etc. The waiting is horrible. I got my poas for it today yayy im so excited LOL I've gota ask someone if I can change the time on it otherwise i'll have to save my fmu till 10am everyday just incase it asks for a test!!!! xx
  • LOL i dont think i could hold my wee in that long....LOL

    Or i guess the sensible thing would be to pee in a cup and save it...doh!!
  • The only thing is were going to a wedding reception on sat eve & staying at oh dads house cause it's closer & if it asks me too poas sun Im gona have to take my cup with me so I can pee into that but what the hell will I do with it till 10am!!! I cant exactly leave it on there window seal LOL I wish I had some of those doctors urine sample things LOL xx
  • LOL you gotta be careful of kids as well, i left mine in the bathroom on the window sil and my DD (bless her) came in with it and asked "mumm, why is there a cup of apple juice in the bathroom?" lol straight i asked, "you havent drank any have you , she said no and i said it was bad apple juice.....LOL
  • OMG, I know luckily theres no kiddies at his dads house, mind you I put my cup on top of the bathroom cabinet so my godchildren cant reach it but the youngest always asks why it's up there cause it's a ikea cup & he has his one in my kitchen cupboard!!! I have to tell him it's for grown ups medicine LOL
  • So here's the thing I have figured it out, why I am receiving the BFN's
    The latest test I have done has a sensitivity of 50 this is the boots one
    Answer have apparently the sensitivity of 100 so that one gets thrown out,
    CBD is apparently 25-50 is this correct?????
    I had done a FR last week but think it was way too early and that has 25
    CB is 25 (this is the one I had my BFP with)
    So maybe, just maybe I am still in the game.
    So really I should do a FR tomorrow. Let's see what hubby comes home with

    I have just talked myself back into having the biggest PMA woooo hoo
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