Hello! :)


I just joined this site yesterday so I thought I'd better introduce myself!image

I am 28, have been married for a year and we decided to TTC! image I came over frm the YAYW site where I was a May 09 bride under the name 'Brightbride'.

After a bit of a struggle with Endometriosis we have decided now is a good time to try but the complicated bit is that the pill is the only thing keeping my Endometriosis at bay so we are under a little pressure to get pg asap to avoid any more problems.

I've had a nosey around and everyone here seems very friendly which is reassuring.

Wishing everyone a lucky week and I hope to "meet" more people soon.

Robin x


  • Hi Robin
    I joined a couple of days ago. The same as you I was on YAYW and got married last June.
    Good luck with TTC - hope you catch soon,
    Emma x x
  • Hello there, I graduated from YAYW to I was a June 07 bride and we concieved our gorgeous daughter Lexi on honeymoon 1st month or trying , TTC no 2 now wonder if we will be as lucky! Good luck and hope you get your BFP soon & I look forward to chatting.
  • Thanks for the hellos! Good luck SugarPlum - hope it goes as smoothly for you.

    Good luck Emma. x
  • welcome to BE and TTC chick xx
  • Hello and welcome image hope your BFP appears very soon x x x
  • Hi I've also been married for a year - also May 09! Was also YAYW, but never actually posted - lurked again!!! Want a baby so bad, especially as I will be 36 in 4 months! Fingers crossed x
  • Hi huni welcome to the site and good luck ttc! image x
  • hiya and welcome image i am a fellow YAYWer, frm may10 forum lol. look forward to chatting good luck xxxxxxx
  • Thanks everyone.

    Hope you are all enjoying ttc so far xxx
  • hi and welcome. hopu get a BFP soon

  • Hello and welcome! I wasn't on YAYW but did get married last August! We have a lo who is 17 months and ttc no 2 (2nd month of trying). Good luck for a quick BFP! x
  • Hi! I didn't post on YAYW but also got married May '09 image I'm currently on month 5 TTC #1... Nice to meet you and lots of babydust! xx
  • Hi hun

    I am a former yayw May 09er bride my name on there was Mrsbrown2be.

    Welcome hun, nice to meet you and hope you get your BFP soon

  • Hi MrsBrown2be,

    I remember you from YAYW - hope your big day went well.

    Are you waiting for a bfp or already have one?
  • Hi hun

    Think I had a chem pregnancy last month as had symptoms and hcg in my system but sadly never amounted to much, I had faint lines but lines never got any stronger.

    Its a tough ride emotionally but still waiting for those magical words hun am CD18 and have irregular cycles that vary from 35-45 days sooooooooooo long wait for me this month.

    Am trying to be relaxed and positive about it all though

  • Oh that's a nightmare but I'm sure it'll happen soon enough for you - no doubt when it happens for us we will be saying 'there's not enough time before its due'! lol

    Best of luck for this month!
  • G/c but I was a may 09er too!!!
    You'll find lots on here!!! Lol def the best month and year to get married!!!

    Good luck ttc


  • Definitely Mrs JC! image
  • OMG yeah I know its crazy isnt it am truly crapping myself now about labour etc after watching eastenders and am not even pregnant!!! Poor stace!!

    He he I totally agree Mrs JC best month and year, 30th May our wedding day FA Cup Final was the hottest day of the year i got sun burn on my shoulders!!

    Cant believe its been over a year but my dress still fits, had a little reunion with it on our 1st anniversary night before we jetted off to Ibiza he he!!

  • Hiya, welcome to BE I was also on YAYW but unfortunatley had to postpone my wedding and havent really posted over there since! Good Luck ttc sending you lots of baby dust xxxxxx
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