fao MPP

hi love, how are u doing? just thought i'd check in and see whats going on with these lines of urs? any news?

hope ur well chick xx



  • Hiya WoW

    Im abit scared, well mixed feelings image I used a FRER this afternoon and i got a clear pink line about 20 seconds after my urine soaked up the stick, it was clear as day, i was so pleased thinking how im going to say it to my hubby when he walks through the door.
    I jumped in the shower after i tested and i was thinking to myself i bet its gonna fade, im so negative about everything and guess what after i got out the shower i could barely see anything, It was ever so faint. I did not think there was anything there at all and not even sure if there i anything anymore. This was all in a space of 5 mins.

    I dont know what to think after the other faint +'s ive been getting.
    Ive heard FRER are prone to false positive and i shall be giving them a rude letter of complaint, its disgusting, should be taken off the shelfimage

    But anyway :lol: hows you?

  • hmmm, i can understand u not knowing how to feel, must be so very confusing...have u tested again since? and with a diff brand? if u keep getting lots of faint positives and all within the time, maybe its worth a trip to ur gp for a blood test to see whats going on?

    hope ur ok xxx
  • Hiya,

    Yeah im ok thanks :\) I just have to move on, I suppose it has only been 3 months.

    It got heavier, like normal flow so i take it as my AF now. I cant believe how many hpts i have wasted though! :lol: Ive got a real problem.

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