1st AF off pill or implantation bleed?

Hi, I am new to 'TTC' and came off my pill 11th September. CD1 was on 16th September. so yesterday was CD55. I have 5 tests in this time but have come to the conclusion after 5BFN's (last one CD53) that it is my body returning to 'normal' I think I have my AF but I usually experience pain but I am not. It is very light too. I have heard of Implantation bleeding but beleive it is more likely to be AF. Has anyone else had a very light AF after coming off the pill. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around and was expecting it to be agony.

Any experiences shared would be appreciated.

This TTC malarky is very head mashing!


  • Hi mrsshep. Welcome to the world of TTC. I stopped my pill back in May and had to wait 113 days until my first AF arrived! image Believe me the relief when it did was huge as i knew my body was working! My next cycle was 39 days long and this cycle is looking at about 35 days as i know i have ovulated recently so am basing in on that.

    My AF's were always fairly light anyway but since coming off the pill they are even lighter! I also used to get severe headaches the first day of my AF when on the pill but don't get them anymore so all in all i seem better off not on it!

    Fingers crossed your body gets back to 'normal' fairly quickly and it doesn't take you long to get your BFP. x
  • Hi,

    I came off the pill earlier in the year after being on for 8 years. My periods went back to normal fairly quickly (had to take the Morning after Pill twice, which caused a bit of chaos, but I'm (hopefully) good now), my AF's were light at first too - like they were when I was on the pill. Now, they've gone back to how they were before I went on the pill - heavy 2-days, off 2-days on a day.

    Although there is a chance that you're pregnant - I would err to the side of it being your AF

    Fingers crossed for you concieving soon.
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