Hey im new here, but need some advice

hey there ladies, my name is lorraine and my husband and my self have been TTC for 6 months now. anyway i was wondering if anyone could help me??

my last AF was 6th dec and was due on new years day, however i have still not had anything, i also have some changes within myself that i have noticed, but im not 100% sure if this is preg symptoms or not. i have done so many preg tests in the past and all been BFN, the most recent being yesterday, and to be honest i am terrified to test again as if it is BFN i will be so dissappointed.

the symptoms i have noticed are
i feel exhausted all of the time, its so bad i feel my concentration is lacking at times.
migraneish headaches
right now i feel nauseous and this has JUST started tonight (howver i am a nurse and there is a bug going about so i may have caughtthat lol)
"period like pains" although no period.
tender boobs ... and they are itchy????

i dont know if the preg test is BFN that these symptoms would be too soon, if they are even symptoms lol...can anyone give me any advice/past experiance???




  • Sounds like you may need to see your Dr hun. He/she may be able to put your mind at rest and give you the advise that you need. xx
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