Things you only do when you're ttc

What crazy things do we all do because we're trying to conceive? For starters:

Check gusset of knickers each time I go to the loo like the meaning of life might be written in them

Discuss my periods with total strangers on the internet

Look at my breasts more than my husband does

Google every headache or funny taste in my mouth to check if its a symptom

Know the day of my cycle better than the actual date. "Right, I'm on CD 4 so that would make it... err.... 21st June...."

Any more?


  • well not sure but im with u on all 5 things, oh one more, write in big numbers in my diary when OV and CD numbers!!! and keep checking every day where i should be and if i OVd a certain day if i might b late!! (my cycle last month was 35, month before 26 and months previous 31 so im not sure!!!!) xxx
  • Feeling disappointed when the pain in your tummy isn't ovulation/implantation pain, just a fart brewing.

    Getting excited when you feel a bit queasy, completely ignoring the fact that it is probably down to the huge amount of chocolate you've shoved down your throat
  • If dh's 'willy' was able to go up my cervix as much as my finger does.. Well, we (or he) would be living happily-ever-after :lol:
  • He, he and spend all day on here when you should be doin other things!! xx
  • like work!!! woops!!! xxx
  • Cajoling other half into a "quickie" every morning, even when he's technically still asleep (i.e. eyes closed and not talking)

  • having sex every other day for 31 days, as if you'd do that normally after 4 years together!!!! x
  • Fighting for sex instead of fighting to get away from it, LOL.

    Having a pillow join our sex life.

    Check every piece of toilet paper every time I wipe regardless of CD.

    Trying to BD even when I don't want to, just incase.......

    Knowing how long each of my cycles have been since Nov and without looking. Hell even knowing how long they are is new!

    Caring about vitamins

    It could go on forever..............................
  • Ah yes. Taking folic acid and a multivitamin every day

    Being able to add five (number of days swimmers can live) easily to any other number to work out how many BDs are needed until OV

  • being able to take the folic acid every day without fail, yet being absolutley crap at taking the pill (thats my personal one!!) x
  • Not drinking or having tea and coffee and not finding it too much of a sacrifice

    Sticking fingers up to find cervix and being able to locate it more easily than anything I've ever tried to find on a map
  • Just reading this and laughing out loud at work!!!
    These are so funny and also so true!

    Im on CD 34 and trying to stay positive that I may get a BFP to the extent that I think i should sit still for longer to stop the potential baby "falling out" - the same applies to exercise and housework!

    I have to agree with all of the above - I definatly follow all these rules!
  • doing head stands after bd- never been this athletic in my life!
  • Knowing the exact ingredients of everything just incase extra salt, fat, sugar, caffine or something that is not good for a potential lo should sneak in there!

    Redesigning the way dinner is constructed. (ie no salt to boil the spuds!)

    And my personal favourite, getting OH to do housework as hooving might strain a vital baby carrying muscle, and I can't fuel my car because of the fumes.

    I have to say though, that this website doesn't help the housework situation, only popped on to print something, that was over an hour ago!

  • Reading the back of every packet to check if it has a pregnancy warning, even things like sun cream

    Coming up with ever more elaborate excuses about why I'm not drinking: "No, I'm not pregnant, I've got cystitis." "of course I'm not trying to conceive, I just couldn't book a taxi home so I'm driving." "Yes, still feeling the after effects of my hangover... er, hair of the dog? No thanks...."
  • this is very true about the alcohol- I don't want to drink but friends are all up for big nights out and trying to get me plastered which i really don't want to do!! They say- you'd better make the most of these nights before you have kids but i think i'll never have kids if i keep making the most of these nights!
  • I've been reduced to having a glass of wine and sneakily pouring it away bit by bit just to shut people up.

    oh, and the "vodka" and lemonades that are obviously missing a vital ingredient....

  • Reading the back of every packet to check if it has a pregnancy warning, even things like sun cream" uwwwww i didnt think of suncream....going to buy some this weekend so will look out for that.

    this topic has had me giggling-cheers girlsx
  • telling my husband i have to pee on sticks for the next week and he brings me a couple of logs from the back garden!
  • hehe this is funny! all so very true. i never knew my life would be so different ttc!! xx
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