First time mums, what are you most looking forward to.......

Just thought I'd see what other first time mums looking forward to about having a baby.

There are so many things to choose from!

I can't wait to hold mine and my DH's own creation in my arms for the first time.
I would like the skin to skin thing after giving birth.
Wondering what they will look like, me or DH.
I can't wait to see my DH's face when he meets his lo for the first time.
I can't wait to hear the first word, see them sit up, roll over, crawl, walk etc!!
I'm really looking forward to being pregnant and big - I will be soooo proud!!

Also, any 2nd, 3rd, 4th time mums, share your amazing stories with us!!



  • Lovely idea for a thread Mrs Hopeful!

    Like you I'm looking forward seeing what mine and OH's genes look like mixed together.

    I want to see the first look of recognition on a baby's face, when they realise who we are; or they see the cat; or look at the beach and sea where we live.

    I want to feel the first kick or movement of the baby.

    Looking forward to seeing what I look like pregnant (recreating the Demi Moore Vanity Fair pose, anyone?!)

    Right now, I just want to see TWO LINES on a pregnancy test!
  • Am current ttc baby number 4 and am with you on the two lines thing. That is just the start of the magical jouney through pregnancy birth and parenting. I have so many memories of my three little girls, my 1st cuddle with them, bringing them home, their 1st smiles, and with them the journey continues. Am just so hoping to get that BFP soon so we can add to the magic!!
  • Having already had one Iknow what I am looking forward to.

    Babies do this really cute thing when they fall alseep breastfeeding and they do a little involuntray smile that is the cutest thing ever.
    Seeing my oh cuddled up with a tiny newborn in his arms (was a single mum last time so never got to experience that)
    My older boy reading bedtime stories to the little one.
  • Oh I am dying to see my DH being paternal and holding our tiny baby! He's huge and the thought of him holding and smiling at our baby is already enough to make me cry even though I'm not pg yet.

    (Flush decides to go and have some lunch, and stop being so soppy until she gets a bfp)
  • Oh, this thread is making me want a baby even more image

    Unfortunately I have had 2 lines on a pg test and mc'd last week so for me it is getting to the 12 week scan and seeing that my bean is still ok that is my biggest hurdle.

    Once I am past that then I can't wait to feel it moving inside me. Can't wait to see whether it's a boy or girl, what s/he looks like. First smiles, first steps, first words. Also, just being a family. I dream of taking our baby for walks in the park and playing games. Seeing dh with our child. I know he is going to be an amazing father.

    Need a little cry now I think... image
  • Amy will be 3 in october & Zara is 6 1/2 months & I can still remember the first moment I held each of them fro the 1st time after they were born. The only way I can describe the experience is absolutely magical. There is nothing that you can compare the overwhelming feeling of love you have for this tiny little human being that you created & carried for 9 months.

    After that every little milestone is equally as special as the one previous & the 1st little smile (even if it is only wind) is soo precious xx
  • Baby B - hoping we both get a bfp and then a safe nine months afterwards. I think you're so brave x
  • Hi girls.
    I'm looking forward to being proud to be pregnant. Being on here, shows me what a journey it can be just to get to that point.
    I'm looking forward to holding lo for the first time, the first time my baby grabs my finger tightly, their look into my eyes. First smile, first words, first I love you mummy. When my OH holds the baby, he'll be so proud. xx

  • Hiya

    I am looking forward to:
    1) 2 lines on the stick
    2) Getting to the 12 week scan and being ok.
    3) Feeling them kick
    4) Being big and having a reason for it!! lol!!
    5) Being PG full stop!
    6) Holding them for the 1st time
    7) Seeing what they look like!
    8) Seeing my OH holding a baby and his reaction!
    9) All the 1sts!!
  • my turn...

    (since i've never been pg before, all im lookin for is just the basics..)

    1) Im looking forward to my 1st ever positive beta results(and the reaction from Dh)
    1) Im looking forward to just being PG (and all else that comes with it..)
    1) Im looking forward to that moment with dh at the labour ward (not that it will be romantic or anything image image
    1) Im looking forward to the moment i hold my baby for the 1st time
    ....oh and number:
    2) Im looking forward to my baby's 1st year (crawling, teething, 1st word etc...)

    ps:lovely thread, it takes one's mind off the 2ww :lol:

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  • I am looking forward to seeing a pregnancy test that says Pregnant or positive and telling my DH that we have done it, finally. I can't wait to start showing because I would absolutely love to be blooming in the summer. I would look forward to the scan and wondering if we should know the sex or not. Decorating the nursery ready for the birth. TBH I would love even single little thing about being pregnant, well except piles or swollen ankles he he
    Can't wait until that day arrives because I know that every little worry or concern I have had about anything will be forgotten about when I get that BFP.The world will be a beautiful place LOL Sorry I am in that zone xx image
  • How about the less lovely ones but the funny ones? First time you can ask for a seat on the bus or train for instance.

    Eating a huge cake in front of dieting friends because you're eating for two...

    Wearing shoes for comfort not style.

    Going to bed whatever time you like as you 'need to rest'

    Minuses: not being able to wax your own bikini line or touch your toes. Having a roomful of total strangers staring at your fanny....

  • Ah Flush30, - that's such a nice thing for you to say. Thanks!
    I haven't felt brave - I feel a like a total wreck most of the time to be honest. But your comment has really given me a lift.
  • Well I think it is so brave: you're on here, you giving us all fantastic advice and you still sound so positive for everyone. A round of applause to you and lots of babydust x
  • Here, here Flush30.

    *****MrsHopeful is currently in raptuous applause for Baby B ******

  • i was just looking forward to ttc! my first lo was a hugh suprise and i felt that i missed out on a big part of the pregnancy part. so now ive done/doing that i cant wait to be pregnant!!!
    once we have baby i cant wait to be at home and cuddle it and see my llo's face when we have a new arrival. cant wait to see hubbys face when i go into labour as my mum had to wake him last time coz he fell asleep! looking forwrd to first word the most,going to make sure its mama this time,lol!
    oh and after that im looking forward to getting my body back into shape as this will be our last baby:cry:
  • Ah, you guys are sooooo lovely. I love this forum. It has been such a lifesaver for me over the last few weeks.

    Am currently seraching web for private gynae's. REFUSE to be fobbed off about the pcos thing anymore. Grrrrrrrr
  • Another one Flush30!! That made me lol!!!

    I just know that when it is my turn that there will be 30 student doctors looking at me! Will be just my luck!!

    Also, not looking forward to stretch marks, loss of elasticity down there (if you know what I mean!!!!!!), saggy boobs, piles, pooing and puking while giving birth - and I have a number of friends who have done both at the same time!!!

    Although, on reflection, I am more than happy to go through all of that if I have to, I would just rather not!


  • I can't wait to say to DH would you get me a bigmac and fries and he would say No as he sometimes does! So I would come back with baby wants a big mac LOL image He He
  • I was only pg for 4 weeks before my mc but I did that loads!!! Hehehe!

    Baby needs... (chocolate, crisps, sleep, Big Brother etc etc etc)!!!
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