she just cant take a hint eh.....

went to the loo at work and ive got pink spotty so by tomorrow morning she will be here fully and il have a shit on again lol :lol:

really wish she would take the hint ive been giving for ever so long and do one for 9 months lol

oh well ladies another month bites the dust eh


  • Fingers crossed its implantation hun xx
  • ah sorry the b*tch is appearing on you hun, I'm beginning to think she stalks me waiting to pounce just when I use the most expensive test.. xx
  • do you no whats annoying tho i had a 45 day cycle last month and now a 28 day one aarrggghhhhhhhhhh

    not sure its implantation tho but suppose a girl could hope image

    lol Huni she just knows im sure of it :lol:
  • Grudie I really hope it is implantation but I guess you know your body by now image I really hope you get your BFP soon, you deserve it x
  • hey grudie....fingers crossed it's not the witch rearing her ugly head!! Nobody deserves a bfp more hun xx
  • hello stranger image hows you and that beautiful boy of yours? keeping you on your toes i presume :lol:
  • thanks goonie,hows tha wait on your AF going?

    well still not here but im sure shes just holding out,dont even know what dpo i am,would like to know why the big change in cycle days tho,thats a bit annoying!! ggrrrrr lol
  • Oh yes he is certainly keeping me busy image

    Poor little man was poorly last week but seems back on track again this week thank goodness! He is just growing so quickly it scares me lol.

    Can't believe your cycles's just teasing you isn't it! Fingers crossed she stays away xx
  • oh no wee shame,what was wrong,did he have a cold? they do just grow too quickly dont they

    how are you keeping?

    yeah i no my cycles are just being crazy,long one month then short the next!!!! dont no what m doing from one to the next,havnt a clue what its doing to my LP!!! ah well
  • poor little man had a tummy upset and his nappy rsh turned to thrush...he was so upset with himself and started with real tears, which just made me cry too! Just praying he doesn't come down with something else as his 2 cousins have some kind of viral infection and one is in hospital.

    Other than tiredness im keeping really well and just being soooo grateful to have ethan and loving every minute with him!!

    Are you using any opk's or anything or asked the docs? Still keeping everything crossed for you xx
  • still no af :roll: a bit of spotting still but nothing much,shes def toying with me this month,i never spot without coming on within the next hour

  • eeek! just saw this! good luck honey! I am keeping everything crossed for you image xxx
  • awwww chick dont get excited i really think its nothing xxx a girl can hope but hhmmmmm really not sure,prob just another change in my bloomin cycles lol

    hows are you? xx
  • Right missus, positive thinking image you never know! How long will you wait before testing if af doesnt show?

    I'm good image just enjoying life at the moment. How are you doing? xxx
  • lol i no i no image

    im only cd29 chick my usua; cycles are anywhere from 31 -45 so ive ages yet before i think about it,i dont have any in the house and wont buy any,too much like tempting fate me thinks

    awww thats great news chick image no wonder with such a beautiful and good baby,im good chick same old same old,scotts off friday and monday but working sat!! im working sunday morning too bbbooooooo whats that all about lol
  • You have so much self control! You are just too good :lol:

    Hubby is working sunday and monday but off tomorrow and saturday :\) Although we are spending all weekend with our parents, so some relaxing time for me and lots of spoiing for a certain little girl :lol:

    Hopefully you get some good weather when scott is off. any plans? xxx

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  • for anyone interested AF came today!
  • Oh no sorry grudie

  • thanks gems
  • Bum :\( Sorry hun. Good luck for this cycle xxx
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